Saturday, May 7, 2011

Get Ready: Security Checkpoints Everywhere

Now that Osama Bin Laden is allegedly dead (for something like the ninth time), prepare to eventually be groped, molested, and herded through naked body scanners and other X-ray scanning machines everywhere you go. According to a recent CBS New York report, "counter terrorism" experts and other "security" officials are gearing up to require all Americans to essentially show their papers everywhere they go -- at the shopping mall, sports stadium, museum, grocery store, and even at church.

Security consultant David Boehm told CBS that because of Osama's supposed death, terrorists will now likely go after smaller, more common "soft" targets , which conveniently equates to government security checkpoints being set up all over the place. A classic play taken right from the false flag handbook, the proposed new security measures are posing as a necessary protocol to keep Americans "safe" and "secure" from the terrorists.

"The reason they're called 'soft' is because it's so easily accessible to anyone," said Broehm to CBS. "There has to be security checks for the safety of all people."

Broehm also went on to suggest that Americans need to be spying on each other more, and acting as "eyes and ears" to help the police in "keep[ing] each other safe." The same CBS article that quotes Broehm even had the gall to insanely call such domineering, tyrannical police state activity "freedom" with a "heavy price."


  1. I agree and we need to have every American get an implanted with a microchip to be able to identify and track them everywhere they go for the sake of terrorism.

    We must give up all our freedoms in order to allow the government to control us because the government knows everything and our president is god.

    When people finally realize this they will finally be happy.

    We will all be happy in the light of lucifer. :)

  2. Yeah I want the government to tell me what to wear, live, and eat. Then we can all be equal and live happily ever after.

  3. I am afraid for our future.

  4. Potential rebellion by debt peons against the ruling elites must be contained for an
    insolvent American capitalism to continue under conditions of ‘austerity”.

    Everyday fear creation is required so that Americans will willingly submit to whatever personal indignities the ruling elite can promote as necessary to preserve what is left of the economic system and to protect their own wealth and security from potential rebels

    The working people and welfare recipients have a great sense of entitlements believing that their own high waged labor is still a source of profit for capital .
    However ,with growing unemployment and underemployment with tens of millions already living on food stamp handouts the ruling elite consider all Americans as potential rebels ,clearly now “overpopulating” America because the system cannot employ them profitably.

    Debt Peons with their credit supply already maxed out in a failed Ponzi economy often unable to keep up the interest payments on their credit card, mortgage payment or student loan debts ,are no longer a potential new source of profits for capital. Now that credit supply has run out. “Useless mouths”.

    Under the dollar hegemony in world trade and finance system, in the globalised world economy, the profitable production of industrial commodities mainly occurs in the cheap labor Third world while 75% of consumption of commodity wealth occurred in the rich First world countries like America.
    Often on foreign credit.

    This was only possible for The USA as long as other countries were prepared to export their commodities and natural resources like oil in exchange for $ paper and to re -invest the bulk of the savings of their own elites in dollar assets and US debts, expecting real value returns .
    But the value of the dollar was being inflated away.

    Countries like Japan and China supported the US economy and the Strong dollar by buying US Treasury and property bonds including Government backed cheap Fannie and Freddie mortgage bonds boosting the US property bubble and the illusion that these bubble property assets like housing ,were valued in a strong currency and would continue to rise in value forever . This housing bubble itself being a source of credit for the middle class who were able to borrow against that housing value by using the house as an ATM.

    America had ceased being a productive of profit center of industrial production As there is no real profits to be got now from production the American economy , and was converted into a consumers of services economy running on foreign credit supply to finance its consumption . America has run trade deficits for decades its imports financed by a willingness of other countries to extend credit .

    The Ponzi economy and the dollar imploded in 2008 when the credit/money supply markets crashed This first became obvious with the collapse of the sub prime and Fannie and Freddie mortgage bonds when America was unable to continue making its promised dividend payments on “AAA” rated bonds.
    Trillions of dollars worth of fraudulent bonds were exported in the last decade.

    But without that foreign credit supply the only possible source for growth in profits in high waged America is now the looting of the savings and asserts of the middle class

    Pre crisis the after tax profits distributed to corporate shareholders and bankers were only about equal to the foreign investments in credit supply made for getting incomes from US government, commercial and private debts. Unable to find foreign buyers for Treasuries the US government and its central bank are buying up the treasury bill debts so that money printing for deficit spending “funny money “ can be expanded

    After a financial coup the past losses of capital were socialized with handouts to the finance sector Even the governments “credit cards” its dollar supply , is maxed out after years of deficit spending creating a huge national debt for the bondholders benefit.

  5. Flay & salt Rothschild Inc, buy silver or perish...and come live in Africa, no checkpoints here

  6. So the blue part on the map is to indicate what areas are currently under water? We should buy gold and move to the moutains of red China.

  7. Seems Alex Jones got another one right!

  8. You have a greater chance of winning a Lottery, than to be a victim of terrorism.

    Soft targets are everywhere, so should we expect to see an increase in TSA employment, so they can have a check point on every street corner, all in the name of public safety?

  9. and people still disbelieve we'll end up with global currency, global rights given by a body of rulers, global security, global so many ways we're already there, now their busy with the security apparatus and currency but rights and economy has already been given over. all the crashing of economies is an open door to further the agenda.

  10. Welcome to the reservation, we are all Indians now.

  11. Those that give up their freedom for security deserve neither. The Sheeple should just be slaughtered already.

  12. what security?
    Of rights ?
    of property?
    The only security in America left for most, is the security claims of the ruling elite over the debts due from an increasingly heriditary class of Debt Peons.

    Student loan debts of the young often tens of thousands of dollars are greater than the totals of all credit card debts.

    And bankrupty is not an option only decades of underemplyment and debt peonage.


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