Monday, May 30, 2011

Gold, Silver Becoming Legal Currency in More States

A weak dollar, mounting inflationary fears and skyrocketing gold and silver prices are prompting some states to convert precious metals into currencies.

Utah is now allowing gold and silver coins to be used as legal tender, and others may follow suit.

South Carolina lawmakers are proposing a bill that would do just that based in part on concern that present monetary policies may be undermining the national economy.

"I'm no financial expert but I am smart enough to know that you can't keep printing money when it has no backing," says Republican Rep. Mac Toole, according to WACH, the Fox News affiliate in Columbia, South Carolina.


  1. But there is a Catch 22. In Utah, they can be used only for their face value, not the spot gold value. Big difference.

    JP Morgan
    Sandy, Utah

  2. What are you talking about unemployment is down to 2% now according to MSM.... We do not consider conspiracy theories and the government is always right. If they say it is swamp gas, it is swamp gas. The Mainstream media is always right... The death camps are just a myth and the US is too big to fail.

    Look at the pretty koolaid that the Psychadelic Commi O'tards, and Tyrannical Repuglicans are both drinking now...

    It is more like they are drinking Fool-aid by the gallon! Like sweetened Jim Jones cyanide!

    Hee hee hee!

  3. The U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse?

    Where will all the trolls work??

  4. The postal service got into BIG trouble much the same way alot of big conglomerate business


    Things change in the business world, sometimes very radiply. When your stuck fully funding retirees for life; some of which went on the dole at age 59 1/2 and business is booming; that
    is just terrific - what happens when business starts to slow and you cannot get out of your

    Meanwhile; you have billions of people willing to spend 3 bucks on a plastic bottle of water and they are afraid to raise the price of a stamp?

    Uh Huh

  5. Time for the Post office like many other Govt agencies to unload the dead weight which are those that are making too much money and don't do a dang thing but make others work harder while they collect a bigger paychecks...

    Fact is that Govt Jobs are paying out way more than corporate jobs with way too many benefits. You can't sustain that when a nation is bankrupt like the US is. It would be great if these employees produced something but most of the systemized ones have gotten lazy and are just sucking off the fat until they retire with their cushy 411... The young employees meanwhile are working double or triple work to make their countless lazy supervisors and directors look good in front of their bosses.

    It is NOT a surprise at all that the Post Office is going under right along with the big banks, fannie and freddie, cities, counties, courts, municpalities and everything managed by the US govt.

  6. The post ofice is NOT run by the U.S. Gov't !

  7. The post ofice is NOT run by the U.S. Gov't

    but the congress backs it!
    greates swindle!

    just like the federal reserve isnt federal!

    we all get scrwewed as the goverment jobs get the corn we get the husk!

    treason is the congress work they go to work they do treason!

    it is what it is! by no other name!

  8. @2:38 You must have been born in an Island Gilligan....

    The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent agency "of the United States government", established in 1971 as an "independent establishment "of the executive branch""

    The O'tard in Chief rules over it. Matter of fact the USPS is actually Constitutional. The Federal Reserve on the other hand is no more federal than federal express.

    Oh and it really doesn't matter gilligan, because the USPS will most likely get a bailout from Helicopter Ben and everything will be fine. The lazy will continue being lazy and they will just kick the can down the block again....


  9. Gilligan here Mr.Howell; The USPS employs over 596,000 civilian workers, none of whom are govermental employees as it is run seperatly as
    a commercial enterprise it's broke because the dumb asses have to GUARANTEE cradle to grave
    entitlements for said employees and the money
    must be held in escrow. While the rest of us
    scratch out - these inefficient, unfriendly
    employees enjoy one of the best entitlement
    programs this dumb assed country has ever come up with
    I still don't consider it a government owned
    business, although in the end your probably correct in assuming that it'll be ben who bails them out with more of our money - if we have any left

  10. The Post office could be fixed with one simple change: every other day delivery and fire half the postmen. Do you really need everyday mail delivery? Do you really care if you get that credit card offer today or will tomorrow be good enough?

  11. ...Ok Gilligan lets really take it over the top and get to the bottom line of the USPS.

    it is legally defined as an independent establishment "of the executive branch of the Government of the United States", (39 U.S.C. § 201) as it is CONTROLLED by "Presidential appointees" and the Postmaster General."

    Presidential appointees and the Postmaster General run the show but I will bet you all the tea tossed at Boston Harbor that these "Presidential" appointees answer to the President (currently a muslim) which no doubt answers to the "STOCK HOLDERS IN WALL STREET"

    So if you want to get really technical then the President answers to Wall Street and Wall Street owns the US Government.

    Now run off and get me another scotch from the ship will you ma lad, all this postal talk has made me and Mrs Howell thirsty.


  12. They have terrible service anyways, they have lost 3 of my letters in the last year, good riddance, hope they fail/


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