Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gold Tsunami Coming

I do not always agree with 86-year old Richard Russell, author of the Dow Theory Letters, but there is no disputing that he has been on the money with his gold recommendations ever since the low of $250 ten years ago. He believes a final explosive phase the yellow metal is approaching – a viewpoint I concur with. The paragraphs below are an excerpt from a recent report.
“We’re moving nearer and nearer to the edge of the hurricane. I can feel it in my bones. Every newspaper now carries an ad for gold. The ironic clincher was this ad below that I clipped from a weekly newspaper.
“Is there a gold bubble? Are you kidding me? Here’s an ad that somebody paid for suggesting that people should turn in their gold (!!) for Federal Reserve Notes. They’re not telling you to buy gold during one of the greatest bull markets in history – hardly, they’re asking you to throw parties in which the object is to get ignorant people to SELL their gold.
“I can feel them caressing my face – the early breezes. They are blowing gently and hinting of the forthcoming gold hurricane that will sweep across the US and the planet with all the force and power that was seen when gold was first discovered at Sutter’s Creek during the California gold rush of 1849. The gold rush of the 2000s is in the wings. The old phrase is ringing in my ears again (I haven’t heard it since the late ’70s): ‘There’s no fever like gold fever’.
“If the temperature of full gold fever is a hot 106, we’re only at 99 now, but I can feel it, I can tell you that the temperature is rising, rising.
“The panic to buy gold will override everything else. It will be one of the greatest financial phenomena that most of today’s investors will ever see. It will blot out everything else like a cloud blotting out the sun.
“After the calm, comes the storm. We’ve been watching ten years of gold climbing amid an atmosphere of calm. The great gold tsunami lies ahead. It will be historic.
“… BEFORE the great gold tsunami we might have a frightening gold correction that would clean out all the gold sceptics. This ‘clean out’ may be necessary prior to the big gold tsunami, and it’s a reason to hold some cash and not put ALL your money into gold at this time. Remember the old adage – ‘The market always does what it’s supposed to — BUT NEVER WHEN’.”
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  1. Soros is dumping his gold and silver. Always watch what the other hand is doing!

    From Business Insider: On the other hand, according to reports Gregory Zumkman and Caroline Cul, Soros has been a seller of gold and silver lately.

    What's interesting is why: Soros no longer sees a big threat of deflation. HUH? yes while the average person may still think of gold as a bet to counter inflation, the metal obviously surged during the deflation scare, and the attendant raft of the central bank easing moves. Those are clearly coming to an end (for now), and thus that theme is coming to an end.

    Don't shoot the messenger!

  2. i just spent 200 friggin dollars on silver and now the bankers are devaluing it. Highway robbery!

  3. 10:34 Just hang on to your silver last time they did a smack down at $29 down to around $25 it went back up to around $47 so the rebound this time could be to $60 or more.

  4. Hey,
    I talked to the my silver bullion supplier today (I got 500oz in Nov10), He's a medium sized business and i wanted to how his supply was, to maybe BTD, he tells me,

    1. No problem supplywise and ....

    I am in South Africa, if the Chinese are buying here they gotta be everywhere.

  5. So old Bobby is an expert on Bid Laden and Middle East Affairs now? I guess since all those predictions he made hasn't come to fruition yet he is changing gears.

  6. 1:10 so you believe what the Government says.

  7. Personally, as a rule I don't, but I also don't believe what people who don't know what they are talking about have to say.

  8. 4:52 so you believe in the answered it

  9. As Pelosi will no doubt say soon ;
    "I have seen a photocopy of the Birth cerificate and its definitely real
    Trust Me, Obama Our president and the CIA cannot tell a lie .
    Only a a racist or someone who remembers the WMD story would question his integrity".
    "I have seen a gruesome photo of a newly dead Bin Laden and its definitely real.
    Trust Me ,Obama Our president and the CIA cannot tell a lie.
    Only a racist or someone who remembers building 7 and Bush would question his integrity"

  10. 6:24 you must be a shill.

  11. Law Habeus corpus derived from the anglo-saxon legal system

    “Habeas corpus (; Latin: “You (shall) have the body)” is a writ, or legal action, through which a person can seek relief from unlawful detention, or the relief of another person. The writ of habeas corpus protects persons from harming themselves, or from being harmed by the judicial system.’

    Bin laden it clear was in no way harmed or even threatened by any legal system .of the USA. America has no time for legal silliness.

    Only harmed by the military/cia ,who went out with orders to kill ,no juicial trial necessary owing to lack of evidence on his role as “mastermind” of 9.11 without which, no court with a jury and not a military court could convict him .
    America has no time for legal silliness.
    What do you think they should have read him his human rights? Its clear he did not have any only thev right to be shot .
    Besides , he was not even an American ,anyway!

    Americas new divine international Law of Might makes Right.

    No foreign , national legal system can protect a person or his relatives or any other nearby person from any summary execution by imperialist powers once he is deemed “terrorist”or suspect by the USA enforcing the right of might in another country, As this proves that the victim country is unable to practice sovereignty de facto ,or de jure and should just shut up.

    With or without a declaration of war, All persons of interest as suspect enemies of the USA or militant religious subversives thought to be anti-American are liable either to summary execution by the US military and its Drones , or detention in Guantanomo bay forever without benefit of habeus corpus or any other law if they are required for questioning under torture.
    Conservative, or liberal supporters of the constitution ,should just shut up too.

    Bin Laden therefore could not claim any legal right to trial as it is claimed that he is now dead Corpus Mortal (excuse my Guess latin) the US therefore
    is not subject to any habeus corpus writ before or after the fact.

    And The USA can dispose of the body or bury the evidence anyway it chooses.

    So just shut up about show us the body ,or even the 9.11 evidence neither now exist.

    USA ,USA ,USA ,deep breath USA USA USA USA.

    (But, if you really want to know ,the claimed material body of the summary exectution victim said to be the remains of the long dead Bin Laden, left Pakistan on the very same passport once used by Obama ,when he illegally visited and left Pakistan when working for the CIA in the early eighties.)

  12. 1:53
    Mos Prubados quescencille delvia

    In other words

    Suck a root

  13. Mankind at this time is being offered a new consciousness. One transcended past conceptual polarities, good versus evil, procreational lust, religious dogma, intellectual prejudice, manifesting disease, and subordinance to herd behavior.

    People like 1:53 seem to fit in with those not moving past the Bush years. He doesn't want to learn anymore about Reality and will be stuck in 2004 until he decides to move on and transcend his current limitations.

    Funny, everything he describes there about the USA... the USA treats her enemies and incarcerated population better than any other country in history.

    Of course it's just the media still wanting Americans to condemn brown people and non Christians. Yeah people... this range of thought is about 20 years obsolete. The complete opposite is true with this administration. They already have denied Islamic Radicalism, and it has become transparent they want Americans to suffer.

    Oh please somebody help the Iranians from the racist CIA! Please stop the CIA from creating hurricanes and earthquakes on Mars which is killing millions of innocent Martians everyday! The CIA controls the media, that's why Martians have become vilified. They want you to agree we should invade them.

    I do wonder how many people, 98% being inactive spiritually and mentally (i.e., non thinkers), would ever dare believe some of these far out conspiracy theories; HAARP, Chemtrails, FEMA death camps, no such thing as Al Qaeda, etc., if the internet never came to be...

    It is comical hearing so many simpleton followers discuss the awakening that is NOT happening. All of the information/beliefs they absorb comes from one little person (or group) that they unquestioningly accept.

    The neurons will integrate the light packets the senses send to them from the nervous system regardless of what the personality of the person thinks is true or not. This is an automatic process - the mind has nothing in it that detects real from not real.

    Do you know what that means? Anything seen, read, heard, or imagined will become a temporal truth/reality. The most fictitious concept, fallacy called fact, or impossibility deemed existential can cause the brain to ordain it as a part of nature. Proportionately, the more one plugs these energy packets into the nervous system, brain cells and nerves, the more real "it" becomes.

    "Imagination rules the world." As Napolean Bonaparte understood this. 99% of the atom is empty. The brain is very much like this with an exception - it is perhaps infinitely more complex. Each nucleus has enough energy in it to annihilate stars. But the energy remains latent besides photon emissions (EM radiation).

    What would happen to humanity if the brain was released to do what it was designed to do by God? (God = Great Spirit/Tao/Creator, athiests notwithstanding). But we won't get there by conforming to the antithesis of a given paradigm. We will only get there by returning within and ceasing the use for authorities/controlers; academicians, doctors, politicians, priests, soldiers, theorists, teachers, bosses, TV, drugs, articles, activists, delinquency, conclusive thinking, and so forth...

  14. What an enlightened Amerikan Guru marvel you are 4.32
    And what a grasp of non existent in time history!

    “"Imagination rules the world." As Napolean Bonaparte understood this. 99% of the atom is empty. The brain is very much like this with an exception - it is perhaps infinitely more complex. Each nucleus has enough energy in it to annihilate stars. But the energy remains latent besides photon emissions (EM radiation).

    What would happen to humanity if the brain was released to do what it was designed to do by God?"

    But your own mostly empty brain cells and their brain waves are clearly in sync with the eternal universe as spirit of the USA.

    Annihilator of evil foreign Worlds and conspiracy theories!.

    Everybody else should get in Sync with your own imaginary reality now!
    You are truly The Napoleonic spritual genius understander of our own times .As you have clearly overcome the human limitations imposed on the rest of humanity imposed by the everyday functional brain design of great creator.

    Just listen to the sounds of your own attempts to get two of your mostly empty brain cells to rub together creating universal waves of pro AmeriKan enlightenment


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