Friday, May 13, 2011

The Great Government Fire Sale Is On

As 2010 drew to a close, the mayor of Newark, N.J., was staring into a budget abyss so deep that he sold 16 city buildings to pay the bills. They included the architecturally significant Newark Symphony Hall and the police and fire headquarters.
In New York, the transit authority may sell its Madison Avenue headquarters, complete with an underground tunnel connected to Grand Central Terminal and air rights to build a skyscraper on top.
And soon, if state legislators have their way, private investors will be able to buy plenty of other municipal treasures: power plants in Wisconsin, prisons in Louisiana and Ohio and municipal buildings in Boston.
The Great Government Tag Sale is on. As states and cities struggle with billions of dollars in shortfalls, elected officials are increasingly selling public assets to cover their costs. Sometimes municipalities sell the buildings to pocket a one-time pile of cash and then lease them back so they can continue to use them.
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  1. And the private investors will be Chinese. While the US spends all its resources on world hegemony and endless wars the nips are quietly buying up the country.

  2. 1:57
    nips are japanese, chinks are chinese and gooks are korean or vietnamese. u idiot. now i see why america is in a bad situation.

  3. 11.35
    forgive 1.57
    As he is obviously young and unfamilar with the racial labels and tasks of Empire imposed by the 'white Mans burden" for delivering progress.
    He probably thinks that it was OK in the past for American capital to buy up other countries and for the US military to install local puppets ,but worries that because america is the biggest debtor in the world now that the glorious process of the 'free trade" globalism bus is now functioning in reverse.

    True all the old labels are very clear to those conditioned as Amerikkkans and those familiar like youself with the historical and current practice of the modern forms of gunboat diplomacy and the necessary de-humnisation of the natives by labels used Since WW2 when 'nips" was used.

    Anyway you are improving his patriotic education by expaining the meaning of 'gook"

    'u idiot" probably even does not even understand what countries or peoples are covered by the "towelhead or "camel driver" labels of countries that amerika is invading today .

  4. 12:19

    Thta's easy

    We;re invading them all !!


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