Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How The US Government Will Seize Your Retirement Account

Chances of this money being repaid to Social Security in full? Slim.  The trend is more debt, not paying off existing debt. In fact, I'm convinced that politicians have their eyes firmly fixed on the trillions of dollars in private, individual retirement accounts (IRAs) in the United States to fund new spending.

Here's how it will go down:

First, there will be some event... some sort of financial cataclysm, similar to the market meltdown we saw in 2008 after Lehman.

Bear in mind that most IRAs are managed by boneheads at big financial institutions; they get compensated not based on the performance of their portfolio, but on the total amount of assets under management.  Your interests and their interests do not align.

As such, most IRAs are callously tossed into S&P index funds or some such generic vehicle, citing the safety of broader market diversification, as if that nonsense they teach in MBA finance classes is how the real world actually works.

When a big crash occurs, these unhedged broad market positions get hammered the most. Don't worry though, your fund manager will still get a big fat bonus check, because his performance is irrelevant.

This is when Congress will step in. Citing its desire to 'protect' the American people from future market shocks, the politicians will mandate that a portion of all managed retirement funds be invested in the 'safety and security' of US Treasury bonds. And, just to be on the safe side, let's park them in 30-year bonds that yield 4.35%.

Sound fair? Well who asked you anyways... just be a good citizen and turn over your money already. The important part is that the big financial institutions still get their big fat fees, and the government gets its hands on the mother lode.

This is how US taxpayers will end up being forced to loan their hard earned retirement savings to the government at rates far below any expected inflation.

Right now, there is a window of opportunity to take action; US taxpayers with retirement accounts can set up a special kind of IRA structure that allows you to take control of your retirement savings, and even ship it offshore if you want to, completely legitimately.

After taking control of your IRA, you can do any number of things-- buy and store gold and silver coins overseas; hold foreign currencies in an offshore bank account; buy securities on international stock exchanges; purchase agricultural property overseas, or even a beautiful apartment on the beach in some sunny country.
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  1. Hah! As if it will be worth anything by the time they try to steal it.

  2. been done in other countries

  3. .. they are coming for your retirement money to give to their criminal friends on Wall St, and they'll get it too because they own this fucking place..." - George Carlin RIP

  4. Another False Flag? I'll buy that.

    No unbiased witnesses, meaning not a single neighbor came forward the next morning to tell the journalists what happened. Don't forget we have seen photos of the compound the next day, covered with reporters and photographers.

    So we are told that neighborhood kids would accidently kick their balls over the wall and the kids were given money to go buy another ball, rather than be allowed inside to retrieve their ball. This also means that little kids lived near by the "estate". So helicopters, gun shots, flash/bang grenades, yelling, and an exploding helicopter did not wake these kids? Their parents NEVER considered looking out the window to see what was going on and to assess if their children were in any danger? What parent would hear all the ruckus and then roll over and try to go back to sleep? The PERFECTLY NATURAL REACTION is to observe this unusual activity until it is finished.

    - we will never see the photos, if they even exist, just like 9/11 and the Pentagon and Oklahoma and Murrah building videos. We saw Saddam's dead sons, in life and dead. What gives?

    - SEAL Team 6 got the job, but we're also told that SEAL Team 6 does not exist. We will never know who the team members were, for "national security" reasons.

    This whole thing is one giant pile of fresh, steaming bull shit!

  5. Add to the above, is the talk of destroying the Compound to keep people from visiting the place in the future. What a wonderful was to get rid of any trace evidence that might prove the who damn thing never happened.

    When the police helicopter is circling over my neighborhood, day or night, it is a very loud, distracting noise and if at night, you can forget about getting any sleep!

  6. 401Ks and other such retirement plans were created for one reason, and one reason only,...
    to steal your money when the time was right.
    There was no benevolent plan to help retirees; the grift was planned out from the beginning.

  7. “My fellow Americans”

    Lets get back to discussing serous things America can be proud of, like the old moon landing video live show .

    Do not be distracted by “conspiracy theorists” doubting whether America really did kill Bin Laden!

    Or, claiming CIA fakery of my now fully authenticated foreign citizen father ,as shown on my birth cerificate , proving I am a “natural born” American.

    You have my Word!”

  8. I would calmly submit to all of you reading:

    Bring it on - at this point I'm thinking their
    are enough who know what the score is.

    Bring it on we'll see if Thomas payne was right

    My bet is


  9. This economic collapse blog brought to you by Alex Jones.

  10. Obama will steal your IRA & 401k and the drones will still trip over themselves to vote for him. We deserve the government we get.


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