Sunday, May 22, 2011

Default: JP Morgan’s Warns U.S. Government

Failure by the U.S. to get its fiscal house in order will trigger financial consequences that will “dwarf Lehman Brothers” and seriously diminish the nation’s role as a world economic leader, Jamie Dimon told a Denver audience Thursday night.
The CEO and chairman of JPMorgan Chase, whom The New York Times dubbed “the nation’s least hated Wall Street banker,” said political talk about not raising the U.S. debt ceiling could trigger a default on the nation’s financial obligations. He said that would constitute a “moral disaster” that will be nearly impossible for the U.S. to recover from.
“Things are going to happen that are not going to be pretty,“ Dimon said during a wide-ranging question-and-answer session at the University of Colorado Denver School of Business’ “Celebration of Success” dinner.
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  1. I guess 'getting the fiscal house in order' has more than one definition. More debt will NOT clear up this mess.

  2. Buy silver or perish, flay & salt Rothschild Inc, we r.utterly in their thrall

  3. Must be a typo in the line
    "nations least hated Wall Street Banker".

    Jamie Dimon is enemy number one and most definitely the worst of the lot.

  4. They might not get their BONUSE$. OH MY GOD..


  5. He is one of the worst, the Major Head who is Manipulating the stock market and Precious metals market directly hurting the small guy and helping the billionaires.

  6. 10:39 yep. Anyone who has a cent in a JPMorgan/Chase bank and accepts half of the info on this forum should be ashamed of themselves.

    There never has been a more devious scumbag then JP, and then his heirs. Starting with building/sinking the Titanic in order to murder the three other billionaires who were opposed to the Federal Reserve (Titanic 1912, Fed 1913) and then WWI (1914).

    Lots of newbies think 9/11 was the first major scam on the American sheeple, wrong; there have been many equally vicious plots by men like JP.

    Buy physical silver. As owned slaves, there isn't a whole lot we can do, but if enough fleas bite a giant animal it will eventually fall over.

    Learn some real history and be above the drone sheeple in your reality of what is around you every day.

  7. There is a REASON scumbags like "Jamie baby" what is he some sort of rock star pimpo or what -\ jamie indeed- how about Sue ! Much better Sue Diamond - that's the rock star name we will choose for this scum. Anyway - thee's
    a good reason this ass is where he's at; he's a
    Alpha Male usurping leech of the highest category.

    Plus - JP has - oh let's say 100 million loyal "customers" worldwide - they stay "on top"
    for a reason too - back to those loyal customers

    You see - I like the poster down a few articles - we have almost 7 billion of us and 6
    are walking vegetables - ole Sue; he really knows how to curry favor with those 6 - all he needs is the 100 million fattest of the lot and
    BINGO !

    ANOTHER 25 MILLION dollar bonus for me!

    Stupid fucking people - We have noone to blame but the 6 billion zombies - what too do

    Oh boy - what to do?

    Enjoy the show! I am.

  8. The US is going to default regardless. It might as well happen sooner rather that later....

  9. I was disappointed that Harold Camping was wrong. I was hoping this corrupt, greedy, insincere world would end. Humanity is not worth saving!

  10. there will not be an official default just a great inflation to devalue government debts and to rob savers devalue pensions in order to give to banksters whatever contracts they like.

    So, suck it up debt peons you are enslaved forever !

    The fourteenth ammendment includes
    Section 4.
    "The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.... "

    I suppose that includes the states public debts too ?
    Municipal debts?
    debts to the criminals at the Fed?
    Not that those in power in semi-monarchial america now governed by the patriot act, executive orders and bailout financial coups to socialize past losses of the finance sector .Thereby expanding the 'national debt" to bondholders by trillions of dollar deficits every year care much about the constitution now.

    A jubilee year would be unconstitutional so do not even think about it !
    The government and the bondholders foreign and local have an army .

  11. Harold is smarter than the other billion people that believe in the Jesus myth. He knows he is full of shit and is just out to make a profit.

    The Rapture wasn't even pimped by Western churches until the 1880s in USA after a 14 year old Irish girl had a 'revelation.' It is all bullshit. There will be no man on a white horsey in the sky.

    YOU are the one you need to depend on; YOU are the one who needs to prepare the best you can; leave the mythology and nonsense to the sheeple masses.


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