Monday, May 2, 2011

The Golden Truth: Pure Criminality

I hope precious metals newbies have not been emotionally derailed by last night's obvious ambush of silver by the corrupt Wall Street bullion bank cartel.  It's funny because just yesterday I was chatting with my significant other, who happens to be from Las Vegas, about organized crime.  She mentioned that Vegas is full of organized crime gangs, not just the casino mafia.  I replied that any area that generates tons of cash flow is mired with organized crime and extreme corruption:   Vegas, DC and Wall Street most prominently (obviously there are others but those are the biggest).  Little did I know that several hours later the action in electronic silver trading would ironically highlight my point about Wall Street!

Make no mistake about it, what occurred last night right at the open of electronic futures trading in gold and silver was nothing more than a very aggressive attempt by the big Wall Street banks who are irrationally short paper silver to shake out weak hands in order to reduce the fraudulent short positions in paper silver.  Anyone who thinks last night's action - as reported in the mainstream media - was connected to a feared slowdown in China or the Bin Laden thing or the Bolivian mining news is either hopelessly naive or pathetically ignorant of the facts. 

So let's look at some facts.  First, no other commodities were hammered.  If China slowdown fears were the culprit, shouldn't all of the base metals used in industrial production have been hit hard along with silver?  Seriously.  Even more telling was the fact that the dollar barely moved in either direction last night - and it's below 73 right now.  The media loves to explain movements in gold/silver with inverse movements in the dollar.  How come the dollar was not doing a moonshot in response to the gold/silver cliff-dive?
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Banksters Covered 26 Million Silver Oz Short Position

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  1. breathes sigh of relief

  2. my silver will be worth something after all

  3. Get on Ampex, buy now. Silver (real, physical) is the best FU you as a slave can give to the money fiat masters.

  4. Bottom feeding Bankster sociopaths covering their asses.Priceless.

    Thanks JP Morgan for the gift.Keep shorting assholes.

  5. Thanks Jp and scumsters appreciate the opportuntity to enrich my bottom line.
    Hi HO Silver to infinity and beyond.

  6. All that bankster futures shorting and the price at this minute is only down $2.05? Holy crap. If that doesn't tell the sheeple to get out of monopoly money and get with something real nothing will.

    Obviously JP wants to keep silver under $50, but even with all their resources they simply cannot. Even with a 300:1 ponzi paper scheme going on they are failing to stop silver.

    All this talk about the elite banksters is worthless unless you do something. Do your part and buy silver NOW. It will do more harm to these bastards than anything you can do.

  7. obama is the greatest president ever, cathches bin laden, something loser w bush could not even do.

  8. 3:47 especially since he has been in a freezer for 10 yrs. Pull him out during Celebrity Apprentice, closer to an election, and now get ready for a FALSE FLAG. Yup he's the greatest alright. SHEEP.

  9. 4:02 is correct. It is difficult for most to comprehend the level of deception and corruption we are witnessing these days. In human history there has never been such a completely deluded populace that is so easily convinced of every lie.

    The so-called Laden confession tape that was conveniently found in a home in 2001 looked more like a bad cartoon character with a rubber nose. We are all to blame for being so gullible and letting this republic fail so miserably.

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