Saturday, May 21, 2011

US Government: We Have The Right To Lie In Court

"The Court found the Govt, and Mr. Hardy specifically (Hardy Har Har is a CIA Agent) to have PROVIDED FALSE AND MISLEADING statements to the Court through SWORN STATEMENTS. When the DECEPTION WAS REVEALED, THE GOVT ARGUED THAT IT HAD AUTHORITY TO MISLEAD THE COURT..."
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  1. What government.

    Btw, interesting true rain radiation results. Hard to get any true radiation results without owning your own geiger counter these days. 'Dutchinse' is a disinfo agent. It's not really the gamma and beta in the atmosphere that's the problem.
    It's when you ingest Alpha emitters that's the problem. That kind of radiation poisoning is much worse than simply being exposed to beta or gamma coming from outside your body.

    Also, inhaling Iodine is a good way to absorb it.
    Feeling kind of odd lately? Lethargic? Sick?

  2. It is all about control..Isn't it ?

  3. The government always lies in court and otherwise. Nothing new here.

  4. Of course they lie, and bribe, and lie, and take bribes, and lie, and steal, and lie.

    And last but not least, they LIE!

  5. A Corporate State structure of semi-monarchial rule in America is nearly fully installed with the powers of the executive ,legislative and legal sections of the state now being
    fully concentrated in the hands of the Commander in Chief of once Republican and democratic America.
    In order to solve the legality problems in American constitutional and international war of continuing Americas armed forces illegal attacks and aggression on Libya a sovereign country that poses no threat to American security or peace and to ensure the continuing financing of the criminal war. Bipartizan political COURTIERS have rallied to the support a semi monarchial Presidents, divine right to the power to decide on and make war, free from any ability or any limitations imposed by Americas elected representatives , asserting the traditional constitutional rights and power of Congress and the Senate for making wars .
    Long live the King!
    This amounts to a presidentialy led military coup d'état
    Wikipedia says .'%C3%A9tat
    Typically, a coup d'état uses the extant government's power to assume political control of the country. In Coup d'État: A Practical Handbook, military historian Edward Luttwak says, "A coup consists of the infiltration of a small, but critical, segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder", thus, armed force (either military or paramilitary) is not a defining feature of coup d'état.”
    This military coup stage of consiolidating absolute military power in the hands of the imperial war presidency follows e bi-partizan supported financial coup for the control of the governments Treasury department and of the printing press for creating Americas sovereign money supply ,for the purpose of controlling the American economy by state planning of wild national debt creation ,by unrestrained deficit spending in the interest of the financial elite capitalist bondholder class at the expense of the common good , Thereby creating a plutocracy manipulating the economy for their own benefit without any interference by free market forces .

    This financial coup was organized by the last presidential office holder conniving with the privately owned Federal bank and criminal banksters representives of the Goldman Sach gang earlier appointed and installed by the president in the treasury department.

    This coup was carried out with the support of politicians under the sway of lobbyists and the bankster sector led by “bazooka” Paulson, who made dire threats to the politicians that if the financial coup for handing over $ Trillions of the countries future revenues was not agreed to, the banksters system would crash the economy .

    This coup was aided and abetted by the next presidential contenders Obama and McCain
    America since 9.11 was already using emergency law , War power laws, Patriot acts and presidential decree powersthe country is effectively run by the president with Congress an ineffective talking shop.
    The supreme court judges whose members are nominated in consultation with the talking shop enforces the legality of any and all the presidential personally decided executive order decrees and Patriot Act law enforcement as constitutional.
    Yet traditional rights and freedoms won by the American people are abandoned wholesale .As we can observe with the recent 8 to 1 vote on that court in favor of searches without legal warrants.
    Thus even the formally “independent” Legal system division of American government is now firmly run at the beck and call of a semi monarchial Presidents executive orders.!
    The traditional legal role of the President was to ensure that constitutional law was actually enforced!
    now there appears to be only mobnarchial law .


  6. honest government? when did that happen?

  7. Why Waging War Against the U.S. Government Would Now Be Just


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