Thursday, May 19, 2011

Was Dominique Strauss Setup?

So, Strauss-Kahn finds himself in the same crowd as Saddam Hussein and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, right? You may recall that Saddam switched  from dollars to euros about a year before the war. 12 months later Iraq was invaded, Saddam was hanged, and the dollar was restored to power.  Gaddafi made a similar mistake when "he initiated a movement to refuse the dollar and the euro, and called on Arab and African nations to use a new currency instead, the gold dinar." ("Libya: All About Oil, or All About Central Banking?" Ellen Brown, Op-Ed News)  Libya has since come under attack by US and NATO forces which have armed a motley group of dissidents, malcontents and terrorists to depose Gaddafi and reimpose dollar hegemony.

And now it's Strauss-Kahn's turn to get torn to shreds. And for good reason. After all, DSK actually poses a much greater threat to the dollar than either Saddam or Gaddafi because he's in the perfect position to shape policy and to persuade foreign heads of state that replacing the dollar is in their best interests. And that is precisely what he was doing; badmouthing the buck. Only he was too dense to figure out that the dollar is the US Mafia's mealticket, the main way that shifty banksters and corporate scalawags extort tribute from the poorest people on earth. Strauss-Kahn was rocking the boat, and now he's going to pay.

Here's a clip from CNN Money:  

  "The International Monetary Fund issued a report Thursday on a possible replacement for the dollar as the world's reserve currency.

The IMF said Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, could help stabilize the global financial system....SDRs represent potential claims on the currencies of IMF members.....The IMF typically lends countries funds denominated in SDRs. While they are not a tangible currency, some economists argue that SDRs could be used as a less volatile alternative to the U.S. dollar.

"Over time, there may also be a role for the SDR to contribute to a more stable international monetary system," he said.

The goal is to have a reserve asset for central banks that better reflects the global economy since the dollar is vulnerable to swings in the domestic economy and changes in U.S. policy.

In addition to serving as a reserve currency, the IMF also proposed creating SDR-denominated bonds, which could reduce central banks' dependence on U.S. Treasuries. The Fund also suggested that certain assets, such as oil and gold, which are traded in U.S. dollars, could be priced using SDRs." ("IMF discusses dollar alternative", CNN Money)

Wow. So DSK was zeroing in on US Treasuries as well as the dollar? That's the whole shooting match.

So, what type of progress was he making in converting USDs to SDRs? According to Reuters: "The IMF general resources credit outstanding increased to 65.5 billion Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, ($104 billion) on May 12 from 6.0 billion SDRs at December 2007. The so-called new arrangement to borrow, which came into effect on April 1, increased the IMF's available lending resources to 269 billion SDRs on May 12 from 120 billion SDRs on March 31." (

Not a bad start for such an ambitious project. It looks like DSK's dream of dethroning the dollar as the de facto "international currency" was beginning to gain momentum.  But didn't he know that his actions would anger some very powerful and well-connected people?

Well, if he did; he never let on. In fact, he started mucking around in other stuff, too, like when he intervened on behalf of Irish taxpayers, trying to protect them at the expense of foreign bondholders. That's a big "No no" in banker's world. They keep a list of "people who count", and taxpayers are not on that list. Here's an excerpt from the Irish Times:
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  1. Just because a person does one good deed with one hand (IE: Try to help the Irish) doesn't mean he isn't doing evil with the other hand.

    I work in the California prisons and some of the most hardworking, respectful inmates turn out to be rapists and child molestors.

    Reminds me a bit of Spitzer...Great Wall Street Sheriff but huge hypocrite and dirty f*ck...They waited and sooner or later he got enough rope to hang himself.

    Set up? No.
    Rapist? Yes.

    As long as you roll with their program they protect you...When you buck the Committee then bam **** happens and all your sins come out with no more immunity.

  2. 2:53 because you keep prisoners behind bars, doesn't mean all are guilty as charged. I'm sure there are 10-15% that have been setup, not guilty, or at the wrong place at the wrong time. Anyone of us INNOCENTS can end up in that insane asylum.

  3. 3:38 very true BUT in this case if we could bet our own money I'd bet $100 that the douche IS guilty and many cases will come out of his date raping.

  4. "Just because a person does one good deed with one hand (IE: Try to help the Irish) doesn't mean he isn't doing evil with the other hand."

    The Irish are saying more concessions are needed or the country may be forced to default.

    Traditionaly the IMF takes no prisoners for an easy terms debtors sentence for countries and refuses haircuts for the bankers as this could lead to bank runs .

    The IMF and Euopean Central Banks and the US Fed are just playing soft cop hard cop tactics for getting the Irish to pay the debts and save the banksters.

    The big Eurpean banks like the German and French banks are involved and have a lot to lose if the Euro bankingt sector goes belly up.

    The English Have a big interest in Irish debt too ,but they traditionaly side with and function as a mainstray of Anglo /imperialist finance ,more closely connected with the US and the dollar hegemony system and with less of a stake in the survival of the Euro.

    There is no European Central bank.

    Confidence in the dollar is collapsing at the hands of the printing press creating trillions of dollars out of fresh air to pay off past losses.

    Europe is battling to hold its own economy and the Euro currency system together after the US exported a lot of sub-prime losses and derrivitive bet problems to European banks.

    The velvet glove V the iron fist?

    A certain contradiction exists between the influence of the Fed and preserving the short term interests of preserving the dollar hegemony system ,and those for using the more european bankster influenced IMF for setting up of a new a world currency that they see as in the long term interest of the elites plan for a NWO.

    China for example is interested in a bigger future role for the IMF as the dollar hegemony system collapses.China could eventualy be a major source of capital backing the IMF currency.

    The bankrupt US Empire fears being isolated as small has been player in a NWO operating under an IMF backed currency and desperately fights to hold together the old dollar hegemony system.

    The Rothchilds group a dominant player in the central bank national debt/money printing lurk, are especialy powerful in the "Anglo"/american imperialist sector,but is not the only player doing "gods work' in this world .
    There is often fallout amongst theives .
    But you could believe it was not some sort of a "set up" .Who would beleive that America might play dirty tricks in the world of gentlemen just like those you might read about in a 'confessions of a hit man" type book .
    60% of stupid frogs think that this conspiracy theory is true but what would they know they are not even americans and are probably of the type that believe American heroes did not really take out bin laden last week just to avoid a trial as the Americans had no real proof that Bin Laden masterminded 9.11.
    Unamericans !
    So clearly It may have simply been just "bad luck" that this spokesperson of one sector of the elite ,the soft cop, representing a more internationalist capitals long term interests and sceptical of the old dollar hegemony systems methods ,just happened to have been taken out in America .
    And his fate put in the hands of the US legal system in a matter having nothing to do with the financial system AT ALL.
    So no Seal Team 6 murder squad was required and even the maid survived to tell the tale.

  5. Just like Gerald Celente said recently, you should not be surprised at the head of the IMF raping some one because the business of the IMF is to rape people of money, dignity, and you everything and anything so there is nothing new here.

  6. no setup. the guy is a horny bastard hes actions brought that upon himself.


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