Wednesday, May 11, 2011

World to Suffer a New Currency Crisis by Fall


  1. The crisis will be start on May 24

  2. May 24th? Do explain.

  3. No it won't. There is no crisis coming and if there is, it will be quickly fixed. This is all scare mongering.

  4. Crisis is already here. We are past the point of no return. No amount of war wongering and fake news reporting can change it now.

  5. fact 2 trillion defict for aug to the end of 2012
    1 yr and a half
    more than 200 years put todether
    what do yoy thing gas will cost then
    if you say 8 bucks a gallon bingo.
    inflation is here .and the jobs arent.
    got gold?because many do .
    good luck. in the depression

  6. 1104 is either a moron or a troll.

    The crisis is here and will only worsen as time goes on. Prepare accordingly.

  7. Gold Man: People like you have been saying that for years now and nothing has changed. No crisis, no depression. All is going along as normal.

  8. 5:42, are you serious? Do you have to buy food and fuel and pay a mortgage to support a family, or are you some snot-nosed kid who gets everything from mommy and daddy? please, do define normal for us?

  9. For all those who think everything is going along fine.. What if your wrong??

    You pay car/home/health insurance,, why not food insurance?

    If you are right, I lose a few thousand dollars in preps. No biggie

    If your wrong, you die.. HHMMMMM. let me think about that. Seems like a no brainer.

    But to each his own. Go watch dancing with the stars. And check you facebook.

  10. 7:50, you are right. For example I have perhaps 150 cans of veggies on the shelf. These were purchased when they were on sale for 50 cents per can. Canned food has a 30 year shelf life if stored properly. Those same cans these days are in the $1.00 - $1.79 price range. If you want to call it an investment, I have already doubled my money.

    If we have no collapse, no problems, no issues, I'll have a bunch of stored food on hand and like 7:50 said, those who are not prepped will die.

    Carry on...

  11. So my little life comes to this. I must say the only thing that keeps me going is hoping that before dying I get to watch these trashy, ignorant, cold hearted, and ugly faced Americans that I was cursed to live with, suffer.

    I hate this fucking world, and I hate this fucking country. I hate the fucking people here, and I hate my fucking family. I hate most of all, the fact that I was born. I am looking forward to having my existence end.

  12. 10:10 is mentally Ill. For real. REAL SICK

  13. 10:10-Please get help.

  14. others meanwhile have all the various preps but yet don't trust in preps. earthquakes and floods can never wipe them away we'll never get badly injured then and bullets will kill cancer that attacks us..:)) no sure safe thing in this world. there's a life after death though. 1st amongst our preps, preps for the soul

  15. 10:10 is just frustrated and I can't blame him/her. I love my country. I hate my government.

    I live in California. I am surrounded by illegal aliens, the majority from Mexico. They bring nothing to offer. They are Mexico's unwanted and they are the USA's unwanted. The Governor will only talk about the need for more taxes, rather than cut off all social services to these invaders, cut off the free money and they will go home. Osama Bin Obama loves illegals and wants more to come. He refuses to admit they are a problem and not a blessing.

    I hate the corrupt Congress, I hate my Congressional Rep, who refuses to represent the people.

    I hate Osama Bin Obama. He is completely incompetent and needs to go.

    I hate all those who work to stomp on our Bill of Rights.

    I hate everyone who submits to a sexual assault at the airports. All it will take is for one person to beat the dog shit out a TSA thug and perhaps this shit will end.

    I hate J Nap and her DHS. The only terrorists in this country live and work in Washington DC.

    I hate that American kids can't have patriotic clothing on at school on May 5th, so as not to offend the illegal alien anchor babies.

    I hate Timmy G and Benny B for their full time efforts at collapsing the economy.

    I hate Congress for not abolishing the Unfederal Reserve immediately and returning the country to the Gold/Silver standard.

    I hate that I just found out my High School sweetie from 39 years ago died last year from ovarian cancer.

    I love Ann Barnhardt and her absolute stance against the terror called Islam.

    I hate that Osama Bin Obama tells us Bin Laden is dead, but won't prove it.

    I love my dog.


  16. 2:18 You are one sick MO FO

  17. 5:29 And in your deranged mind what makes 2:18 a sick MO FO? Please expound on that. He seems absolutely correct on all of his points!

  18. I think somebody above is "alienated' by the current order ,but thinks he is alienated from Islam as he fantasises that the cause of all his problems and a bankrupt america is Islam and Osama bin Obama sock puppet.
    But beleives he can change and put things right by the power of his vote in the next sock puppet election for getting more efficient and less expesive wars.
    Better he just nominates his honest dog for Prez !
    Otherwise One lap dog of the Elite is as good as another parties .


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