Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Garth Turner

But how can this be when the world is dis­in­te­grat­ing, and nut­bar sites like The Com­ing Depres­sion keep soil­ing them­selves in ter­ri­fied anticipation?

Two days ago a friend emailed me in anguish. “Do you think the stock mar­ket is going to crash again? I’m get­ting that feel­ing. How can we be pro­tected if it does?” Turns out he was sneak­ing into doomer web sites, where gold and sil­ver pumpers scared the crap out of him.

In fair­ness, you don’t need slimy sites like The Eco­nomic Col­lapse to ren­der you impo­tent and slob­bery. The TV news or a daily paper is more than enough. Greece. US debt. Wars. Dis­as­ters, Riots. Falling mar­kets. It’s all there wait­ing for the dots to be connected.

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  1. garth turner is elite hes been sellin his rag paper stuffing that crap .that all is good for years.
    people have warned for years of the collapse
    see inside job

    garth s economic point of view aint worth crap.

    people that suck up to him are suck pumps.

    i wouldnt put two cents into that market.you are a sucker .
    and i will be proven right.
    weres garth in 2007 was pumping it up!
    buy stocks hes a joke slime ball elite sadaist.
    and i dont even have any gold just bags of silver hahahahha

  2. LOL, he has some valid points in the article, but just can't agree with his rosy outlook on things. Sometimes the dots have to be connected when they are staring you in the face. There are too many problems facing the economy and the world at large to continue to ignore. However, I'm not going to blame it all on the Jews, Chinese, or Liberals. I'll save it for the National Front wing.

  3. this guy implies being prepared your a raceist
    well well
    the chinese have bought and stole our technoilgy for hookers and dollars
    the congress are the traitors
    liberals the jews who cares ?
    when china invades the us or europe because they want thier money back we will see where the
    coward in this article stands.
    i guess with the enemy .
    the chinese commies
    run free today
    open commies run america threw facism

  4. they and many should be arrested.
    the rich soros bill gates warren buffet sold out america1
    they are pinko loving commies.
    under the guise of capitolism.

    thier technoilgy has inslaved not freed us from tyranny .

    ibm buy the way counted the jews for the germans in 1936.they bought the machines in 1933 from america!

    we are so doomed we sold the japs the metal and it was returned in 1941 dec 7

    why does anyone think these people have your best intrest at heart.

    connect the dots .
    buy gold i play connect the coins


    You mean a "professional" who makes commissions off of you and maybe kickbacks from the things they recommend?

    Hmmm... how has silver and gold done in the last 5-10 years? Of course you have to find the right person to buy silver or gold from.

  6. Lol what a douche that Garth. He's in over his head.

  7. Garth is probably the biggest loser of all "economists". I can't believe he's still around! Great way to lose your shirt by listening to that flake. LOL

  8. Screw that rich piece of shit.

    I am just waiting for the day when the gallows start to be built for all those motherfuckers out there - like this guy most likely - who screwed the average American into thinking that "They too could be part of the "investor class"...BULLSHIT. You play their game...you get sheared everytime. They pump and pump and get the momentum going...just looking for suckers to hold the bag...then dump their shit while telling you to "BUY, BUY, BUY"

    Stealing a man's life savings is akin to murder in my book...and the punishment ought to be the same...DEATH.

  9. I love this "nutbar" site. Keep the doom coming!

  10. He told his readers to sell GOLD at $850 and to buy US Real Estate..hahahaha

  11. 10:54 - you beat me to it, that is exactly what he did. L-O-S-E-R. Hopefully he has three days worth of food at home and no way of protecting himself when SHTF.

  12. This stock pimp should join Art Laffer. They both can take turns licking Peter Schiff's sack.

    The vast majority of economists are idiots and this Garth might as well be their king.

  13. 10 22 doom?
    get back into your cabnet
    go by some real estate hahahhahahha
    yea good luck with that

  14. This website is now getting a lot of traffic as strangely "doomers"seeking realistic viewpoints different from the MSM seem to be growingby the millions!
    Attacks on this website like this only show that those pumping the all is well in la la land nonsence have lost their marbles as well as fast losing their dollars betting on the "recovery"

  15. It does not matter if the stock market tanks or not. The point is that the stock market is a swindle. The big players have inside information or do flash trading to make their millions. Everyone else is just screwed. Either you lose your investment or you pay so many fees you can't make money.

    Besides, if you or your company or your union invest in different kinds of stocks, your money is not safe. And you are giving your money FOR FREE to these thieves to play with. In other words, they gamble with your money, not theirs. And their machinations result in poorer people around the world dying of hunger or farmers killing themselves because they can't pay Monsanto.

    Put your money into safer and more ethical things.

  16. People like the Garth will always do well no matter how wrong they are because people want to be treated like children and told what to do.

    This site instead encourages people to look at the facts and think for themselves.

    People that follow this Garth character and all the hundreds of talking heads like him will be burned very badly. This is because nowhere does he address the fact that the entire monetary and stock market system is corrupt to the core. Instead he pushes the idea that you as a little guy get a fair shake and that is simply not the case.

    The only chance for the little guy is to have nothing to do with the bankers corrupt system at all or to avoid exposure to it as much as possible.

  17. I comment on the "GREATEST FOOLS" website periodically. Garth works for and on behalf of the banking establishment. He's a shill for maintaining the status quo of robbery through fiat. Just based on facts not fiction Garth would be completely destroyed in an open ended live debate concerning the greater issues of the day. He changes his mind constantly, I think more out of fear of losing his standing with the banking sector than anything else. He informs people his sight nor him personally is there to recommend any type of financial instrument but repeatedly harps on about bonds, dividends and non-taxable savings accounts. He's spot on about observing our delusions on housing, but refuses to accept or see past the nose in front of his face when it comes to the telltale signs of full on and easy to predict economic collapse. Be careful with Garth, he will revise history to suit his needs as the next few months progress. Than he'll take his site down saying that his work here is done. He's not part of the alternative media that can be taken on their word nor trusted to be without a selfish self serving agenda.

  18. Yes. There are the sheeple that ignore truth and then there are those who actively spew forth deceptions knowing full well what they are saying is crap but it is what the people want to hear.

    Since most people believe what they want to hear it doesn't take a great orator to appease the masses.

    The Art Laffers of the world still can call themselves economists and be wrong time after time simply because they tell people what they want to hear. Same with preachers and other pimps.

  19. The Brotherhood of all Muslims are being funded by the US Govt, we are being sold out, Get Ready for WW3, Banking Crisis, Stock Market Crisis, Food Shortages and Dollar Devaluation in the next 6 Months, Prepare!!

  20. It's actually really easy to make money on the market. You just need capital. Then it's just a matter of making bigger returns and being consistent. But if you do it right, it's virtually impossible to actually lose money.

  21. 117 Bravo, Preacher and Other Pimps, Nailed that one.

  22. AllenCiada is a Fraud and as much a threat to this country as a little frog would be.

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