Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bubble talk, Greece and gold's solid fundamentals - Adrian Ash

Interviewer: Geoff Candy

GEOFF CANDY: Welcome to this weeks edition of's Gold Weekly podcast. Joining me on the line is the head of research at, Adrian Ash. Gold has been rising consistently for more than 10 years and with each new high people are calling for a gold bubble and saying that it is going to come off now. You recently wrote a piece that looked to explode a few of the gold bubble myths if you like. Perhaps briefly to start off with why would you say that gold isn't in a bubble given its rise over the last 10 years?

ADRIAN ASH: You can understand why journalists and commentators who don't follow the gold market very closely look at it and see there's a bubble. We have just had the second highest weekly close ever in US dollar terms and the highest ever weekly close in both euro and sterling terms - but what a lot of people get confused, I think, is they look at the gold rise over the last 10 years and particularly over the last five years and they confuse longevity with speed.

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