Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Greece pulls back from the brink

By Kerin Hope and Ralph Atkins in Athens

Greece has pulled back from the brink of default and averted a broader eurozone crisis after backing sweeping austerity measures in a knife-edge parliamentary vote.

George Papandreou, Greece’s socialist prime minister, won support on Wednesday for €28bn ($40.4bn) of tax increases and spending cuts, with just one of his party’s 155 parliamentary deputies voting against the package demanded by the European Union and International Monetary Fund.

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  1. greece pulled back from freedom
    now they are slaves sell everything slave to serve your masters

  2. Pulling back from the brink is only temporary, its gonna start costing them more than begged Euro's, bankers may be saved for the moment but the pol's are going to take a beating literally

    "Member Of Greek Parliament Assaulted By Angry Mob For Flip-Flopping On Austerity Vote"

  3. We were hoping that the Greeks would have stuck to their guns and not give in to the Banksters and their disgustingly rich families and offspring, well now he experiment is almost complete and the New World Order is taking shape.
    Prepare ye the way of serfdom, prepare yourselves to worship the elite in the New World Order.

  4. That's the fucking problem ! The general population in Greece has no guns! What the hell are they gonna do!
    Nothing the stupid bastards
    Never, Never EVER give up your 2nd ammendement

    If you do - it's all over my friends; as long as it's intact - we have a chance - look at history; without weapons to fight back a control government - you ARE a slave.

  5. Greece does not have the Constitution, that is why they have no guns. They are working on doing the same in this country, once they have succeeded, this country will be all the way done.

  6. 6:09/6:39
    Exactly so - someday soon; the people in this country are going to have to decide what is
    important. The waiting for someday and some
    one else will be over; and the general populace
    will be forced to decide.

    That important topic WILL BE the 2nd amendment
    as it is the greatest of all equalizers and the
    founding fathers knew this. The progressives
    have been trying in vain for over 50 years to
    severely crack the 2nd ammendment; without
    sucsess; but I guarantee you they'll have another go at it before Obama leaves office in '12 and trust me on this one -------------

    Leave he will

    I will give up my gun when they pry my cold, dead hands from it. That is the stand we all
    need to make. You've taken everything else;
    but by God; you'll not have my guns!!!!!

  7. Paraphrasing Marx:.
    American debt slaves unite and fight
    you have nothing to lose but your chains !

    Throw off those usury debts, poverty and austerity chains held by a warmongering ruling elite of an unaffordable , now bankrupt Ponzi /military backed empire with a Corporate State!Its inflationary deficit spending for permanents wars has mounted up and bankrupted the government of the USA.

    Consumerist America has run out of credit for living on time payments, as the old dollar value is being printed away ,while peoples savings and property investments are being destroyed or looted.

    A Jubilee Year?

    Welcome to the Third World !

    Where a Greek style Austerity future of endless bailouts for insolvent banksters clearly awaits Americans too.

    A jubilee year would be a good start , but
    Of course it would be necessary to rebuild an actual productive capitalist, (or socialist) economy not a Ponzi shopping mall economy run on credit supplied from the savings of the rest of the world.

    One radical Marxist pro –“Third wordlist” economic analysis says:

    “Obviously production does not exist in the First World as it once did. Factories no longer dominate the lives of First World peoples. In fact, only a small percentage of people in the First World work in factories anymore.
    A far greater number are employed in management, services, distribution, etc. This can be described in Marx’s terms as a decline in the percentage of the population engaged in productive labor.
    For Marx, productive labor is labor that adds to the total social product.
    This has been described as the rise of First World mall economies.
    Many First World economies can be described as a mall writ large.
    Nothing is produced at the mall.
    Yet people are employed managing, transporting, distributing, securing, etc. goods that are produced elsewhere but are sold at the mall. It is the influx of goods” … (and profits and credit supply ) ..” from outside the mall that keeps the mall afloat”.
    Production is going on outside the mall, in the Third World. These goods are not secured through “fair exchange” since the mall doesn’t produce anything to begin with nor does it exchange services with those who do. The goods that keep the mall economy up and running are secured through imperialism. Obviously, like all abstract models, this is a big oversimplification. However, it makes an important point about global trends and the relationship between the non-productive segments of the First World and the productive segments of the Third World.
    The shift in First World employment from productive labor to non-productive labor is noteworthy because Marx saw the paradigmatic case of exploitation as the exploitation of those engaged in productive labor. What Marx considered exploitation no longer is widespread in the First World.
    First World workers have seen rising incomes, higher standards of living, greater access to and more varied leisure time, greater diversity of life options, greater social mobility, more and more access to capital for much of the past century. This, plus the fact that there has been nothing even close to a First World, socialist revolution,”
    Americans may be feeling oppressed by impossible to pay down debt burdens .

    But, do not expect a Marxist style class revolution ,if there is now no actually exploited American working CLASS .

  8. The Greeks have just thrown themselves under the bus. Does anyone honestly believe that increasing unemployment and raising taxes is going to solve Greece's problem?. The IMF are so predictable, look at every other country they have gone into and the misery that they leave behind. Imo , the Greeks should have defaulted and allowed the contagion to spread, globally if need be. The only way we will ever see an equitable financial system is to rid ourselves of the curse of fractional reserve banking and those that run them.


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