Thursday, June 2, 2011

How The Cartel Uses Illegal Tricks To Separate You From Your Money

The debt explosion, on a worldwide basis, is rapidly approaching Big Bang status, when all the band aids, crutches, and propaganda no longer work.  At that time, which is approaching at light speed, NOTHING that Washington, Wall Street, London, the IMF, or any other corrupt organization say or do will prevent the fiat system from collapsing against ITEMS OF REAL VALUE, such as GOLD, SILVER, and other commodities.
At that point, if you have not PROTECTED YOURSELF from hyperinflation, it will be too late, and I assure you it will not be ‘in five years’, or ‘ten years’, etc., as some of the supposed believers in our way of thinking will try to convince you.  There are plenty of those people out there, whom I’ve been warning you about in recent rants, people like George Soros who people mistakenly believe is on their side, when in fact their only goal is to get rich at your expense.
By the way, strange timing that Jim Sinclair, perhaps the most knowledgeable person about gold on the planet, sent the below commentary out as I was writing this paragraph.  He could not have stated the current condition of the U.S. any better than I, or anyone else.
Anyhow, this RANT is about how the evil CARTEL tries to influence people, seeking to misdirect your anger, fear, and greed, in essence depending on mankind’s basic emotions to do them in.  In this article, I specify what they do in the PRECIOUS METALS market, to make you think it is “unsafe”, “volatile”, and “risky”, when in fact it is not.
The lost decade of the 2000s will be remembered for the internet bubble, 9/11, Enron/Worldcom, the real estate bubble, the global financial meltdown, zero interest rates, sovereign debt crises, and endless wars.  These events (excluding 9/11) are all linked by Federal Reserve money printing, which has accelerated exponentially in its final stage of collapse (and you ain’t seen nothing yet!).


  1. FWIW: It appears we are headed for a short period of deflation before hyper-inflation happens.

    The Fed as not promoted QE3 yet and the Debt ceiling hasn't been raised. There is a sigificant chance that there will be a double dip/asterity as the Fed pulls back in order to get more clout\support from Washington to continue money printing. The Republicans also refuse to raise the debt ceiling with out some serious budget cuts. I suspect there is a chance of a major correction do to these pending issues, which will cause a pull back in commodity prices.

  2. Judging from what is currently happening I agree
    with that statement 100% - the only question will
    be the longevity of the deflation & it will be
    extremely difficult for those trying to time it.

  3. Don't try to time a correction, use it as a buying opportunity for PMs when they tumble. Plus I would certainly welcome lower fuel prices, even if they are just temporary.

    I doubt it will last very long, a year at most before more gov't stimulus, bailouts, QE3-300, etc make a big comeback. There is one thing you can count on when it comes to gov't, Politicians love to hand out money when it not their own money!

    I think the Pull back in QE is deliberate to gain support for Fed polcies. They stop, the economy nose-dives and Bernanke can declare that he was right all along, and no one should dare to question the Feds actions ever again.

  4. A false flag and mass war is coming to cover the banksters tracks. It will result in immediately skyrocketing prices on everything as people hide in the homes and all the rules change. Don't think you will have low prices on anything much longer. Don't get caught unprepared. The greatest robbery of wealth the world has ever known is coming. Trade those digital digits and slips of worthless paper for real things you will need NOW.


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