Sunday, June 26, 2011

OVERDOSE – A Documentary on the Financial Crisis that is coming.

By: cmaukonen

This is a really good documentary on the financial collapse, why it happened, what was done after, what was not and why the next one will be even worse. The moves made by the government – here and elsewhere – and those not made have set the world up for another financial disaster. The premise they give here is after the bust of the Housing Bubble, the solution has been to inflate a large number of other bubbles all about to burst. It’s fairly log but worth watching. It has Spanish sub-titles and was done by a Swede.

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  1. You watch this and see clearly either that a) the politicians are complete idiots, b) they are telling outright lies, or c) both of the above.

    How can people sit by and let his happen to them??

  2. The US economic collapse is going to be so big and so profound that they will hear it on the planet Mars.


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