Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Population bomb: 9 billion march to WWIII

By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch

Commentary: Can anyone halt this economic explosive?

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Sshh. Don’t tell anyone. But “while you are reading these words, four people will have died from starvation. Most of them children.” Seventeen words. Four deaths. That statistic is from a cover of Paul Ehrlich’s 1968 provocative “Population Bomb.”

By the time you finish this column, another five hundred will die. By starvation. Mostly kids. Dead.

But global population will just keep growing, growing, growing. Why? The math is simple: Today there are more than two births for every death worldwide. One death. Two new babies.

Bomb? Tick-tick-ticking? Or economic bubble? Population growth is a basic assumption hard-wired in traditional economic theory. Unquestioned. Yes, population is our core economic problem. Not a military problem. But the bigger this economic bubble grows, the more we all sink into denial, the closer the point of no return where bubble becomes bomb, where war is the only alternative.

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  1. With the push for same sex marriage in the U.S., that should help with the reduction in population growth. If the whole world would except it, it would really cut back on population growth.

    I just can't help but think that this is the reason why "straight" politicians would back up such perversion. I think the hidden agenda is population control.

  2. Stinking lie. In the countries where consumption is high (like USA) the population actually declines, so is the life expectancy. We base our numbers of life expectancy on the elders that were born 80 years ago and in their early days did not eat McDonalds or GMO crap. I doubt very much if we are going to live as much while being poisoned from every angle and chemtrailed day and night. This article is a bunch of bull crap.

  3. american boomers are retiring and birth rates for US citizens aren't keeping up, thus the open border down south and also the push for the dream act. population explosion isn't causing the ills of the worlds economies...bad actions are

  4. Do your part. Don't breed. You are not so important that you need to clone yourself. Population problem solved.

  5. I agree with 9:45 and 12:31 - this article is a load of CRAP. It's governmental policies that are causing problems, not population. Why are/have we wasted Trillions of dollars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Libya in an evil agenda of war, war, war??? Why not use the money for feeding people, educational programs and the like? The Illuminati politicians (Satanic evildoers) who are in control of most nations are causing the problems. They want money and power for themselves. They want to enslave the rest of us.

    I love your website "Administrator" but I sure hope you don't buy into this bullshit!

  6. As far as the first comment is concerned - dude, use your brain. Same sex marriage will reduce population growth? I DON'T THINK SO! Gay guys will be gay guys! They are still gay, whether you allow them to marry or not. Do you think that if they are not allowed to "marry" another man, they will turn around and marry a woman or start having children? Come on, dude!

  7. Yeah, there are a lot of idiots that post here with demented notions. If you can't see that the population continues to grow you are borderline delusional. Just take a look at the actual figures. Not such a difficult task to undertake, really, however far easier for some to cry, whine, and blame everything on Mexicans and Gays.

    I'm sure when we are done poisoning the world with radiation and other pollutants, it will be increasingly difficult to continue breeding at the same levels, what with food sources and clean drinking water on the wane. Of course there will always be some that deny even that reality and blame it on the latest conspiracy du jour.

  8. There are many parts of the world that do not have at 2.1 children reproduction rate, which is what it takes to just keep the population consistent. I think the author would like depopulation, which is pure EVIL.

  9. I wasn't blaming gays for population control. I was blaming the government for pushing the gay agenda as a form of population control. Yes, I know many gay couples that don't procreate. Many are not like the rich hollywood people that can afford artificial insemination or adoption either. And many are not having children because they are very caught up in their lifestyles. I have known many gay people who have not had children because they haven't lived long enough to. There are many other ways they are trying to control the population too. Our foods are poisoned with toxins, forced vaccinations, big pharma poisoning the masses with medication, the list goes on. I agree that this article is bullshit too. This earth is not overpopulated. I also believe that AIDS is a man made disease. I think that it was developed to kill off black people in Africa. I remember when I first heard of it many people would say, it was because of the sexual perversion of these people. How naive they were to believe the people of Africa were anymore perverted than people here in the U.S.

  10. Lol. ok so gay guys will be gay you are right. And marriage will not make the diffence is right, they will still do the gay thing. Point I was making was that the pushing of the gay agenda will make children grow to believe that it is normal. If homosexuallity becomes the normal and hetrosexuallity becomes the strange,then there won't be many people procreating. Should have made myself more clear.

  11. 3:00,

    in a way I have a feeling that much of the last two centuries were designed to wipe out or suppress any cultures that weren't of the white European.

    All tribal peoples for example had their problems just like "civilized" nations. But they produced food, and were able to support themselves. They had droughts and food shortages just like a capitalist economy will have ups and downs.

    How did 300 nations each with their own language, of 60 million people get exterminated just like that? What was the real motive? The same thing took place in Australia.

    Following WW2, with NATO and Soviets rushing in to grab precious resources in Africa and plants to produce drugs in Asia and South America, it's easy to see why these places are now controled by psychotic drug lords that slaughter their own people.

    But we're taught in the Eurocentric doctrines used in schools that before that all these cultures were living a miserable existence and died of disease. It seems more like there was an agenda to kill them off or keep them suffering.

    Read any of the material made by early Progressives and Socialists, along with some of the major bankers, it's quite interesting how they discuss ridding the world of all lesser cultures besides the Great Race... which to them were intellectual white people.

    As far as breeding is concerned, America is not where the largest population increase is at. It's in Central American countries. There is definitely a motive to get rid of not only the non whites, but also the whites that are "lesser" in nature.

    Though, they have flooded our entertainment with sexuality so they could keep men in a tormented-hypnotic state. They knew by sexualizing the western world they could keep men away from using their minds and more interested in going to bars to find loose women. If not that then they'll develop wondering eyes and have little interest in their own wives, or they'll pay for pornography to get a release.

    Only disciplined males are able to control their sex drive, but most are taught falsely that sex is a need.

    So if you've come to believe sex is a need, and all the other guys are having sex but you (since most lie about how many chicks they bang or claim they don't masturbate), this will force you to go to bars and such places as well. Now men are not only horny and lacking wit most of the time, but now they are inclined to become alcoholics in search of something they never needed.

    Sexual perversion was a tool they used on us. And I'm not saying two people who love each other in a bedroom making love is bad, but this is hardly what is practiced. We're not striving for much any longer, but sex... men will kill to have sex. I wonder if this is the cause for all the serial killers that popped up in the last 50 years.

  12. 4:01 you should get together with the poster whos always ranting on here about the feminizing
    of the American male - U 2 would make great conversation!

    Something they never needed? Your shittin' us right? Ya know; when your a 20 something stud and you wake up every morning with a dick so hard a cat can't scratch it - the need is pretty damn real.

    Just imagine how many more billions we'd have if all those studs weren't killed offv in all those wars going back to Gehgis - a good stud can easily father several thousand offspring - do the math.

    Making love is for someone who is 75 - studs
    just BREED - and apparantly; they're still pretty damn good at it!

  13. 5:13 you are a fine example of what 4:01 is talking about. Studs produce something worth keeping, but any man that plants his seed in anything that will spread its legs is just fooling himself into thinking he is a stud. A real man cares who he produces offspring with. Yes men are being feminized in this coutry. When I was a young girl you could ask any guy if you could use their pocket knife, help you work on your car or motorcycle, or help you build a shed. Now as a woman I have to show young boys how to do these things. But first they have to straighten their hair.

  14. 5:32 You must be talking about horses; something I know a little bit about - when you refer to producing something worth keeping. It's not the horse; but the breeder doing the selecting.

    I run 5 Quarter Horse studs and let me tell you
    maam; when a mare is in heat; all 5 will be on her in a heart beat - if you don't separate them
    you never will continue the bloodline you want.

    A "real" man ? Your kidding right? I am one, know hundreds and have known thousands - if their a stud; they'll fuck anything that walks, talks and has a box that's willing. Might tell
    you a whole different story for men's magazine
    story or 2 your face; but what they say and what they do are 2 different things - just take a look at the stats and then take a look around in your own neighborhood - there's a reason for a divorce rate of 50%

    That's what makes them a stud - and he's good at his craft - tell you anything you want to hear to get down your pants; breed you and then move on.

    I know; having done it a time or 2 myself. My grandaddy had 15 kids; but then, his closest neighbors were 5 miles away; so he just kept on breedin' grannie.

    Studs; you gotta love 'em - 'cause at least you know where they stand and what their up to.

  15. Maybe I don't know anything about horses and perhaps some men can be compared to an animal. Being good at their craft usually includes a lot of lying to get in a woman's pants. Making the "stud" think he is a great fuck and good at his craft. I've seen men impregnant woman with IQs of about 60 not thinkin what the outcome of their offspring might be. Or not even think that maybe the woman might be a crack head or has some disease. Seen "studs" knock-up gals who stay drunk during their pregnancies producing children with many ailments. Men with noself control acting and producing like animals.

  16. 4:01 "Only disciplined males are able to control their sex drive, but most are taught falsely that sex is a need."
    It's people like you with their black and white thinking who I despise the most. You know you could reasonably argue that a guy should stay so much in control to put on a condom first. THAT would be discipline in a positive way. But instead you dispute sex is a need for a fulfilled life. It's really true: "Baby, we were born this way!" Enjoy your life full of discipline but devoid of happiness, and secretly keep believing you will be rewarded for doing so, some day, in the future, or in the afterworld.

  17. So,401 individualist sociapath , Disneyland and Facebook is a bore, you did not win lotto and you do not like your own chances of getting to display your talents on American idol and to top it all off Americas and your own personal credit supply has run out?
    The current American girls are not up to your own high romance culture family standards and clearly “sluts’you cannot afford
    And even lady Gaga does not deign to visit.
    All that is left is your food stamps ,student loan debts and past fantasies of an old American reality complete with re-runs of
    Leave to beaver ,family life with the Waltons and other old sitcoms your daddy tells you about .
    America now appears to you to be unable to deliver to you direct to your mothers basement the old American dream and you spitefully develop in response your own variety of nihilism with the hope that the rest of america and its sexual perverts will melt into air into chaos and misery as it will make your own miserable american entitlements nihilist view of life feel justified.


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