Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rich Dad Advisors Discuss Food Storage for the coming 2012 Depression

Dad "Robert Kiyosaki" and his entire adviser team discuss how they have prepared for the coming depression:
- Year's supply of food
- Guns
- Gold & silver
- Cash on hand

They speak of the coming depression (inflationary or not it's going to happen), shutting down the credit card system, and higher taxes no matter what. Budget-cutting police forces promotes lawnessness.

What scares me now is these are not some local yocals on youtube speaking their wacky thoughts. Instead, these are calm, straight speaking, successful businessesmen in the know, telling us what they have done. We should take notice. They are prepared.

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  1. "What scares me now is these are not some local yocals on youtube speaking their wacky thoughts."

    What scares me is the fact that the people you degrade with the above thought were smarter than almost the entire population of this country including you. These people you degrade would also be the ones likely to lend a hand in a pinch. Try the same in NYC when the shit hits the fan, and you will last a "New York Minute".

    I have seen the same bigotry from "white shoe liberals" who look down on the common man calling them NASCAR Nation, Rednecks and such, but I know these are the same people who looked reality in the eye and prepared when eveyone called them tinfoil. Now that the elites are scrambling, you get worried? You are late to the party by years.

  2. This is a great video, but it strikes me as another "buy silver, buy gold because the economy is crashing" video. The difference being the emphasis is not 100% on precious metals. They create urgency by reinforcing what we already know- we need to prepare now because the economy is about to crash and it's about to get very bad.

    I agree with about everything they are saying, but I feel their motives need to be addressed since you said "What scares me now is these are not some local yocals on youtube speaking their wacky thoughts."

    If you think about it, these people have all purchased precious metals, and the more demand they can create for them, the higher the value of their investment will go. If the economy doesn't crash, they can still sell for a profit. If it does crash, well, no harm done. Like they say in the video- prepare for the worst.

    Let me repeat, I agree with them. They make great points, but I personally feel that these are not just educated, "normal" people who have suddenly woken up and decided to produce and post a video out of the kindness of their hearts.

    -Not Sam

  3. Well said 6:19.

    What is actually funny is how these guys can't offer any greater advice than the crazy rednecks they stereotype.

    I've heard and read all of what these guys preach about. These are supposed to be professional businessmen? Well how come they don't sound any different than those stupid hicks next door to me who aren't Asian?

  4. Kiyosaki is a dunce jumping on the bandwagon...Peter Schiff destroyed him back in the days when real estate was on everyone's lips...Back then Kiyosaki was pushing buying homes, flipping etc tc as your path to riches.

    After being proven wrong he studied his opponent and took THEIR ideas and preaches them like they were his all along.

    Remember even the Devil mostly speaks the truth...I think this guy just waits for Schiff/Keiser/Celeste or Ron Paul to say something then quickly takes their side...Then offers you the opportunity to BUY free info from him that he plagarizied from someone else...He is a intellectual thieving, mental midget standing on the shoulders of great men.

  5. And so; as Hank likes to sing

    " Got a shotgun, a rifle and a 4 wheel drive - and a country boy can survive".

    believe it - we don't need nuthin' more n' we
    allready got.

    Bring it !

  6. Now they say get prepared? Local yocals? Should have made a video about how the "local yocals" have been preparing for years on a much bigger scale. Anyone this late to the party shouldnt even think about silver or gold. Get a gun and lots of storable food. Plan security around your property and don't be afraid to shoot.

  7. Yep. Another former idiot that didn't listen to Peter Schiff and mocked him.

    If being a former idiot were a crime we'd all be guilty though.

  8. @10:46: John T. Reed also called him out, but since then most of those guys have backed off.

    The thing is, as simple as Kiyosaki's actual message is, most people still violently oppose it. His big thing is don't go into debt and try to find ways to generate income rather than rely on a paycheck being there.

    And he is 100% right, because as the recession has shown you can never guarantee an income into the future when relying on somebody else. So why put yourself into a situation where you are guaranteeing an income to somebody else?

    If everybody listened to Kiyosaki, at least for his main message, there would have been no subprime or a higher education bubble, as nobody would have gone into debt. Credit cards would cause virtually nobody any problems as they'd always be paid off in full. In fact, I have only ever not paid my full balance once in my life, and that was because I had missed the payment by a day. I called the credit card company and they waived the late fee, which was $40, but still charged me the ridiculous interest rate of several hundred dollars. Since then I tend to just write checks or not purchase something at all for big purchases.

  9. kimosabe is an idiot, once again late to the party

  10. What recession ? Was there a recession ? Huh..musta missed it..? But we are off grid, outta debt pretty much, running hydro power( from stream) solar from sun, wind and new earth energy is really getting hotter..have skills, should have after 64 years :0) artisanship, gardening, local organics, fruit, fresh water on site, resources for building, wild berries and game, pensions,local fishery, a biz, got it all.
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    Man, created male or female, no name brands of life, awakening to rule again his body mind and spirit, minus the satanic ego consciousness cultivated over centuries to destroy us eventually in favor a small herd of slaves for cleaning their old family regime toilets.

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