Thursday, June 23, 2011

Riots & Mobs Coming to a Town Near You

Posted by The Dollar Vigilante

We’ve been quite clear about what we think is going to hap­pen in the com­ing months and years. We expect either a US Gov­ern­ment and Euro­zone default, lead­ing to seri­ous reper­cus­sions in the west­ern world as enti­tle­ments, pen­sions and banks all col­lapse leav­ing tens of mil­lions des­ti­tute. Or, the US dol­lar to be hyper­in­flated to worth­less­ness, bring­ing down every other fiat cur­rency in the world and caus­ing mas­sive prob­lems such as star­va­tion as mod­ern sys­tems of trade and trans­port break down.

In either case there will also be a deep, seri­ous depres­sion of a mag­ni­tude much worse than in the 1930s.

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  1. All of that property damage...

    All of the injuries, most we will never know about...

    I do hope the man who was attacked and kicked when down, will heal. Physically he will heal (I hope), mentally, I expect he'll be permanently damaged.

    Rioting in the streets over a stupid hockey game!

    Before the truck burned, we heard someone say "the whole world is watching!", as if to remind the mob that they were now no better than animals.

    We saw it before. The Lakers win and the "fans" burn cars, break windows, loot stores and destroy property.

    We see this lever of violence as a direct result of mindless sporting event. When the country collapses, the smoke from burning bank and government buildings will fill the skies for weeks on end.

    If you have not yet sold your TV and used the money to buy a shotgun, do so now, or expect to be one of the first casualties.

    Things are not getting better. Osama Bin Obama is a traitor. He is a Socialist and the only way Socialism can work is to wipe out the middle class and that's exactly what he is doing.

  2. we want what we can get..if socialism gives us handouts we'll take it as long as our comfortable lives are maintained and increased. people voted for all the various ones in leadership..voted for what they thought they could get out of it. people make up the entire system, from justice and gov to the local farmer using additives without declaring and the sports fan busting heads for happiness over the teams said, evil men(mankind) will wax worse and worse. from the poor to the rich.

    the deal with blaming the current prez is forgetting the rest of gov and the "we the people" who elected them for so many years..congress is just waiting for obama to ask them to step up and do that very line on the news few day's ago from a ivory halls member-said without even realizing the implications/meaning I guess.
    so we'll reelect them or similar for many various reasons, a reflection of the populace. and yes it'll implode and historically a dictator will arise and..well you know the story

  3. He is a puppet, takes his marching orders from the nwo, rothchilds, rockefellers and so on.

  4. Dumb americans, you're so ignorant, you don't even know the difference between social democracy, state socialism, communism. Obama, a socialist yeah? Right, cos we know Henry Kissinger only hires socialists. Wallow in your moral and intellectual stupidity, and watch your shitty, empty empire go down the drain as the rest of the world laughs at you...


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