Monday, June 27, 2011

Soros: “Financial system remains extremely vulnerable ... We are on the verge of an economic collapse”

Goldcore Bullion and Wealth Management Company

Gold is mixed today after last week’s 2.4% fall. The short term trend remains negative but medium and long fundamentals remain supportive as do the very challenging and risky macro, sovereign debt and currency environment. Physical buying remains strong at the $1500 level with premiums for gold bullion bars higher in Singapore and Hong Kong.

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  1. This Economic collapse facing the entire world is going to be much, much worse then Sorros or anyone else could even imagine or write about.

    I am thankful not only being blessed to read "The coming depression" blog site but equally and thoroughly blessed reading everyone’s comments.

    Thank you all for sharing the truth you know and hold close to your hearts.

    “Most of you here” are totally connected to reality and with each other in knowing, sensing and expecting the economic horror that is to come.

    All of you here have been blessed to be given the foresight to prepare, mentally physically and most importantly spiritually.

    We are going to be plunged into the darkest economic time in history that the world has ever known and it will be recorded as such.

    Very soon for those of us who survive these horrific economic conditions will tell of their experiences and it will be passed onto generation after generation.

    Though quite a few of us here will survive what is to come unfortunately some of us will not.

    So prepare:

    Now is not the time to scoff at each other, but time to help the next person who needs help.
    Know that you all are truly blessed amongst many to know the truth, while many others will left in total darkness.

  2. Well said 7:37,

    One thing I am concerned about is being stuck in a suburban area. I'm just not sure how this will end, total breakdown and in the French Revolution with everyone pointing fingers at everyone else, mobs roaming the streets burning and killing all? Most people in my neighborhood are living in a dream world. People in our HOA are more concerned about the weeds in the guys yard next door rather than preparing even for a short period of trouble. If one family is preparing and all others are not then who is going to be the target when SHTF, it will be the family who prepared.

    There are thousands of people preparing but there is not solution to this above stated issue.

    Best of Luck.......

  3. Oh this whole economy is in rough shape, add in the fininacal sector and we got some serious problems.

    Go check out

    The right is on the wall

  4. 9:20
    The left is against the wall, too!

  5. The only folks I won't have much pity for are the twittering twits. Twenty something spoon feds that have no real skills or desire to help in the rebuild. Spoiled brainless American youth.

    Bachman and Paul won't be able to be elected. They are a tease. The elite like to play their games.

    The whole political system is controlled and corrupt. No hope there.

  6. What people need to understand is that the Bill Gates, Soros, and others are very POOR in relationship to the real money powers like the estimated 225-675 Trillion that the Rothschilds hold

    When I saw the article on the Mexican businessman with 70 billion dollars being the richest man on Earth I got a nice chuckle going.

    Rothschild to Gates to You to the guy pushing a cart.

  7. 12:12,

    I am a 20 something year old, but I can relate to your resentment. Though, this extends past those facebook fools.

    I'm different from the others of Generation Y for several reasons. One major factor is that my family has stayed together and well bonded, contrary to most of my age group whom had either divorced parents or a violent upbringing.

    Believe it or not, this is the main reason that girls become sluts with no self esteem and young men become predators with no respect. The destruction of the family unit was the greatest weapon the Elites used on America. Nearly 50 years in the practice.

    All it took to make children vulnerable to any surrogate upbringing is that mommy would need to get a job to help support the family, and hopefully daddy would stop loving mommy and leave at some point. Seeing that many were Hippies, it wasn't hard to begin pressing for hasty marriages that were done without any long term planning.

    Perfect timing on the part of the Elites. Next they needed to spread drugs into the major cities of each state and fund drug dealers, implement the Department of Education to destroy the education, create valueless drug addict role models like Madonna and Kurt Cobain to normalize drug use along with nihilistic tendencies, and engulf cinema with violent images to desensitize people to killing.

    As far as the surreptitious assault against the western world is concerned, the celebrity brainwash cult is perhaps the most dangerous enemy we face at this time. They've designed the youth today; from the clothes they wear to the behaviors they want them to think are cool or desirable.

    The result is a generation of ignorant followers that have no conscience, focus, sobriety, self control, dignity, altruism, personality, talent, confidence, courage, responsibility, gratitude, contentment, or sensibility.

    There are some exceptions, but most fit the above description to an extent which makes for worry. It's clear the Elites pushed this so Generation X and Y would be too stupid to see through scams and propaganda. Of course, because of the insecurity and lack of happiness, they would always need more or something to help look cool in front of their peers. Being dumb, unhappy, and needy makes people easy to control, manipulate, and sell things to (even if they go into debt for it).

    If you wonder how so many people can be so clueless and complacent with all of this, even those close to 40, it's because they never knew what America looked like. I didn't ever get to see the real America, but my father tells me about it.

    When people were into reality, could socialize, had manners, raised their kids, were grateful for life, used entertainment moderately, behaved considerately in public, could work for a living and afford things, and nobody had to lock their doors... that was America.

    The best thing that could happen is a global, catastrophic collapse (economically and socially). The Elites want people to be afraid of that idea...

  8. Hello...
    I agree with your topic. please keep posting that kind of topics. thank you for share.


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