Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Tale of Three Depressions

Posted by Rodney Graves

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...
And the Progressives are making the same damn mistake that made them the worst of times.

The "Great Depression" was far from the first depression in the history of the United States. In point of fact, it was not even the first nor the sole depression of the 20th century. The less known one was the depression of 1920, and it was far sharper than the "Great Depression."

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  1. The other night I was in 7/11 and observed a young lady come in and purchase a box of Pampers with a debit card and walk out and jump back in her new Beemer and drive off. Next day I`m in the drive-thru at McDonalds and watched the guy ahead of me buy a small ratburger/fries (couldn`t have been over $3.50) with a debit card. Am I the only Neanderthal around who makes cash-only purchases? (no plastic-EVER) Well I can tell you I`m just waiting for that GIANT SUCKING SOUND to erupt as all banks, lending institutions, etc all one day decide to cancel credit cards and demand them back. I wonder what these hot-shots are gonna do then? Bet these morons won`t be able to ante up with the cash; they can`t even pay off their damned credit cards, for chrissakes. I think we are all in deep shit-get the popcorn out-the big show is about to start....

  2. when big Albert comes to my door i got a stickle of florida ready. you be my witness, it was defense against home attacker. well if it comes to this it shall be, as written in les mis. those that fall pay price and those with richness rewarded. I really like the idea of this. to sit back with great music. time has come to make things right. this will be it people. its time now to prepare folks. everybody get ready bad stuff coming are way.

    - Sam

  3. if i may add to this. remember the time when agents pushed you down and said stay bow. what movie was that. i dont mean to get closer here its only im in happy mood. thanks for any help.

    - Sam

  4. won't withdraw usage of plastic, will push it further, then a time when required to receive some form of mark to simply continue to access the system of electronic transactions and cash paper itself will no longer be accepted. with already existing regs on cash-restrictions/tracking of amounts over such and such(under the theme of crime and/or drug money laundering etc), withdraw limits, exchange restrictions, and occasionally already cash not accepted as payment(insurance/doc offices etc etc) and the fight on terrorism/dhs viewing cash users as suspect the trend is going cashless. less costly to track, speeds things up saving money in the long run, fights crime, enables the tracking of spending habits/hobbies/interests which then sold to ad company's generating revenue, reduces tax evasion, generates revenue, added transaction fee's generating revenue for the owners of the system, fighting crimes and terrorism reduces insurance costs raising revenue, aids in tracking the missing/escaping etc etc etc..all are terms and idea's used to promote cashless.
    still a few of us dinosaur's left out there though lol


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