Tuesday, June 28, 2011

World On Verge Of Economic Collapse As European Leaders Prepare For Greek Default

Posted by Alexander Higgins

European leaders are now openly admitting they are preparing for an imminent default on Greek debt causing the bank ran media, who have been warning of “Armageddon Scenarios” and global financial meltdown Greek defaults, to suddenly develop schizophrenia throwing their propaganda machine in revers and run stories saying it is “no bid deal” if Greek defaults.
Truth be told, China is scared enough that they are stepped in to offer billions to suck up worthless European sovereign debt and billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros isn’t buying the Wall Street propaganda machine’s attempt to manipulate the market psychology either. He tells reporters that a Greek debt default will trigger a global economic collapse will begin with the Greek debt default and spread from there.

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  1. people start to get readyJune 28, 2011 at 8:51 AM

    Most Everyone ALREADY knows that the ship is sinking, “the current economic system” is collapsing right before our eyes.

    For some it is happening in slow motion.

    For others it is happening as fast as a bolt of lightning.

    We are like people on the deck of the titanic, looking at each other and waiting for a cue when to start panicking and going into survival mode.

    What might be the panic buttons?

    when a major food chain has no real staples of food for weeks in the isles and the media blames it on fuel shortages.

    Or the government implements alternate fueling up days and limits each to 5 gallons of gas.

    loaf of Bread or a pound butter reaching $10. each.

    What will be the panic button?

    Most of us are waiting with bated breath.

    But guaranteed it is coming , brace yourselves and prepare people oh do prepare.

  2. greece will pass it's bill, much like the UK and ireland. perhaps in the fall sometime some amount of restructuring will occur. when they pass it..eyes will return to the UK and US economic problems, UK been out of empire for many years now so their decline not such a surprise but the US in the spotlight isn't what they want, thus the MSM keeps attempting to spin all eyes toward europe. europe will survive although would expect this huge mess their in to result in further weakening sovereign nation status, a folding up of the last vestiges of independence into the euro collective to become what they've spoken of all along, a single currency and a single governmental body to rule them all along with the privatizations done, and coming. with greece falling again into the background noise the US problems will surface again, talks of default. china thinks we already in the process of it, opec wants out of petrodoller, russia. with the disarray of the US more QE will come to set yields, more wars, more inability to act politically..the hairball gets bigger and the birdsnest of line keeps getting added to driving the standard of living down as has been the trend. won't look for the big bang of crack up boom, already here, more a slow spiral down the bowl, faster and faster now as we sink toward the center of the spiral, losing liberty and freedom along the way.

    but hey..westerners have their TV shows so that ought to keep 'em for awhile..problem is those in texas had brownouts...no more TV shows? oh the dread, the dread. hey-many states have such issues...they could sell assets? jus' like greece, italy, uk, bolivia, aregentina, haiti...seems most of greece's revenue raising is slated to come from selling national assets, things like water, which is of no importance...it's the last grab, hard assets. and this concept of nations and a constitution seems to be in decline...what does the future hold, what are the trends long now, what has been done in the past. wake up sleepers lest we wake up to find...our very TV's have been sold from beneath us! oh the horror then huh..the horror


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