Saturday, July 16, 2011

Australia’s PM shows political courage on climate change

Jeffrey Simpson

Last Sunday night, the Prime Minister of Australia went on national television.

Prime ministers in democratic countries take to the airwaves only if they have something extremely important to say. And Prime Minister Julia Gillard did. She said something inconceivable in Canada, at least under Stephen Harper’s government.

“Most Australians now agree our climate is changing,” she said. “This is caused by carbon pollution. This has harmful effects on our environment and on the economy. And the government should act.”

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  1. A lot of aussies , including this one, are not convinced that climate change can rightly be placed at the feet of polluters.A recent report by Ian Plimer states that four days of volcanic eruptions from Iceland last year ,negated 5 yrs of carbon emission control.And this is just one volcano!.i think many cynics see this simply as another tax, or more precisely, an attempt by ideollogicaly driven left wingers to transfer wealth from the productive economy into the useless economy , ie , the welfare state.
    What is perhaps sometimes underestimated is the reliance that the Aust economy has on mineral, and in particular , coal and iron ore , exports.
    Well might we tax our own economy for the use of these commodities, but what do we do with the billions of tonnes that we export to China, who really don't give a toss on the climate.

  2. 6:10 Exactly so - the "concerned" countries will burden the productive to the point of breaking & meanwhile; a natural disaster will come along and totally negate what they have been doing for the last 10 years

    In a matter of days

  3. The Prime Minister's current approval rating is 23% the lowest EVER for a PM of Australia. Political courage, I don't think so, a former member of the Australian Communist Party....this is her 'political courage'?? A massive re distrubution of private wealth to the Commonwealth. Sounds like an ism to me. Not to mention (and has got little media attention) that 10% of the Australian tax dollars collected by the carbon dioxide tax is to be funnelled to the United Nations!! In Greece & Spain they riot, in Australia we sit back and wonder what is the recipe on Masterchef tonight. Shameful!!

  4. Gillard a “socialist” former member of a minuscule communist party?

    OR ,the left/ right game more of the same same party politics of Australian puppets of imperialism?

    Australian politics runs on the British party parliamentary model ,not the US elected presidential model

    Gillard got to be labor party leader and PM following an inner party coup against the elected PM Kevin Rudd .
    Stabbed in the back behind closed doors and removed by his own top party member on behalf of the mining companies .

    The immediate cause was that a hugemulti million dollar Murdoch and other media campaign financed by multinational mining companies against a more nationalist attempt to by Rudd to extract more “royalties” on the booming mining companies as a bigger tax for Australia.

    Rudd had been himself a great supporter of an internationally imposed Emission Trading scheme tax on carbon.When this international scheme fell apart at Copenhagen climate conference .

    Kevin was left out on a limb and was dropping out of the increasingly silly idea of imposing unilaterality on Australia an unpopular emission trading scheme with Australia going ahead alone without the rest of the world in tune .

    With the combination of the MSM campaign by the international mining companies as well as the unpopularity of the old Rudd emission trading system ,polls showed that Rudd and the Labor Party would be unelectable in any future election.

    On appointment to PM following the parliamentary coup ,Gillard immediately puppet like as first priorty dropped the proposed bigger royalty tax on the multi-national miners.

    So a funny sort of “Socialist”, lefty or even nationalist!

    Gillard was then elected in her own right in a minority government that includes and is dependent on Greens
    and other non party independents in a coalition vote for a majority in parliament.

    To be elected as leader of the new Labor party leader Gillard had promised .

    Note well!

    “There will be no new Carbon tax” ...under a Labor government if I am elected ” PM.

    But once elected puppets do as puppets must for the international ruling elite and their long term world plan for carbon taxes to subsidise business pollution of the human environment .

    Sustainable taxes!

    According to their official “Science” computer modelling predictions.

    Gillard now too , toes the line with a new carbon tax, that is planned ,she says to evolve into a full Rudd /Gore style carbon Emission trading tax credit scheme for speculators and business profits.

    Even though she too like Rudd is making herself unelectable next time as an open liar.

    But the “Right-wing party of the same same lying system , is ready to step in and save Australia from the “clearly lying bitch” with compromises, once she has passed the next use by date.

    Just as we see with Obama the “lefty” peace prize winning imperialist war monger with a hope and change label , in the faked up left /right party games of America, where the bankster selected puppet Obama is painted by the “ Right” as a secret “communist” lefty like Gillard .

    Labor or Liberal “conservative” governments in Australia ,whether a Howard ,Gillard or a potential populist Abbot led
    both parties are Neo- cons in the Anglo Amertican financial bloc that support every American war against Third world peoples The labor party in Australia like some American Democrats in opposition, as liberal Lefties ,“oppose imperialist wars “ until elected into power as puppets, when they then claim the are better, more cost efficient as managers at expanding wars or even managing carbon taxes for the ruling elite.

    They are all “Lying Bitches” party puppet politicians of the established system just like the "lefty" Gillard.

  5. Please stop calling it a carbon tax. Its a carbon dioxide (CO2) tax
    CO2 is not a pollutant and is necessary for the worlds survival..........

  6. Great news. We need to reduce CO2 emissions urgently. Anyone who doubts global warming is an anti-science moron.

  7. Australia produces just 1.32% of global CO2
    Urgent reductions should start with China,USA and the EU that collectively produce well over 50%!

  8. 10.32
    Greetings! carbon life based intelligent being.
    Are you and your pet dog responsibly wearing your licensed methane gas capturing green diapers yet ?

    Is it true that you emit the dreaded noxious gases every time you breath out ,talk or fart on your world?

    It is good to see that your advanced species has adopted the modern space age scientific method and computer technology modelling system .

    Garbage in Garbage out computer modelling , whereby each computer if fed the right input ,produces results that agree with and are verified by the results of all its computer peers .

    But ,no worries!
    Australians and Gillard are gonna save the business world for you!

    As an introductory offer a first stage low tax , even lots of pensioners and polluting industries are going to be subsidised with refunds during the transition to a glorious higher future tax rate and there will be new subsidised green jobs galore!

  9. 10.32
    Can you please ask China to stop building coal-fired power stations - GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!
    While you're at it can you ask Obama to put this back at the top of his agenda, you know the one he got elected on.......... Oh....dear me.....having trouble are you...........


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