Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Bad Mood Has Descended On World Financial Markets

Have you noticed that a really bad mood seems to have descended on world financial markets? Fear and pessimism are everywhere. The global economy never truly recovered from the financial crisis of 2008, and right now everyone is keeping their eyes open for the next "Lehman Brothers moment" that will send world financial markets into another tailspin. Investors have been very nervous for quite some time now, but this week things seem to be going to a whole new level. Fears about the spread of the debt crisis in Europe and about the failure of debt ceiling talks in the United States have really hammered global financial markets. On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 151 points. Italian stocks fared even worse. The stock market in Italy fell more than 3 percent on Monday. The stock markets in Germany and France fell more than 2 percent each. On top of everything else, the fact that protesters have stormed the U.S. embassy in Syria is causing tensions to rise significantly in the Middle East. Everywhere you turn there seems to be more bad news and large numbers of investors are getting closer to hitting the panic button. Hopefully things will cool down soon, because if not we could soon have another full-blown financial crisis on our hands.

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  1. hopefully things will cool down soon...so the ponzi can continue unabated as before...? lol

  2. Nothing will explode, just a long slow leak.

  3. Now the bankster's puppet is threatening to cut off SS checks. The bankers will stop at nothing to keep the Ponzi going as long as possible. Fear Fear Fear. The great manipulator.

  4. slump before a war its always the case only this time the motives are evil we are going to see a kind of an easter island scenario shortly the living will soon wish and already are that they will be dead your human instincts are right trust them it is in this age of fear that our instincts kick in like never before MAY YOUR GOD HELP YOU for good humane people will not deserve the lives we will be made to live in the very near future

  5. ohohohoh. not this time round people. the anger is in the air and people smile rare keep it hot while its hot. this is it people bad stuff coming are way. its best to prepare before the fall comes. Get ready now folks.'

    - Sam

  6. Scary times we are living in. I have a bad feeling about the road ahead.

  7. Sam I Am RetardedJuly 13, 2011 at 3:57 PM

    Sam, please spare us your ramblings. Your writings are unintelligible.

  8. 357
    You find Sam unintelligible ?
    While You, a self supposing intellectual are blindsided by your own assumed understanding of the Nobel prize winning dismal science of the establishments economic theories and therefore can have no appreciation of Sams free style poetry that expresses in literary /lottery form the true dream and heart of the ordinary American people!

    Sams economics are an anti-establishment populist call ,from a veritable joe six-pack in literary garb ,speaking on behalf of the American people for rocks in one to enforce getting more government dollar handouts in the other.
    Whats so hard to understand about that ?
    Its as American as cutting up fair and democratic shares in Americas apple pie !
    Just deserts for deserving Americans with entitlements as Americans..

    The belief that the American consumerist lifestyle and good times could have continued forever without bankster imposed Austerity if only the continual money printing /deficit spending was for the poor and job creation, as well as providing necessary credit for the middle class and not just Benny bucks for bailing out the rich banker losers and their wars.

    SAM UNDERSTANDS These bailouts are run by the anti American people establishment economic experts, that ONLY have rocks for brains like Benny Bernanke .



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