Friday, July 15, 2011

Doug Casey on Self Immolation – Individual and National

Doug Casey

L: Labas, “Dougas,” as we might say in Lithuania — sure is beautiful here! It’s 11:30 p.m. and the sun is below the horizon, but the sky is still smoldering. Where are you, and what’s on your mind this week?

Doug: It’s afternoon here in Aspen, a nice little communist town in the Rockies. From here the world seems to be turning as usual, but that’s only because the place is full of people who are so rich that they’re largely insulated from the real world, as are the parasites who live off them. We’ll have to talk about the politics and sociology of Aspen sometime. But out in the real world, the engines are grinding toward a halt on the American Titanic – but it’s still moving, so everyone thinks everything is fine. There are signs that the 2008 iceberg was bigger than the crew is telling us, however, for anyone paying attention. Did you hear about that man who set himself on fire in front of a courthouse in New Hampshire?

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  1. It should be obvious to everyone that it was just a US male that did this to himself which means that no one cares. Now, if it was a woman, there would have been a push for a new law and it would have been world-wide news....

  2. If it was a muslim it would have made news.

  3. If it was a Japanese person it would have been funny.


  4. Yes, because the rights of white Amerikkkan men are so trampled! They should sob and whine, take their pain to the streets! Like . . . uh . . . men! :-)


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