Friday, July 1, 2011

From New York cafe, Greek-Americans eye crisis

By Jena McGregor

New York (CNN) -- A Queens neighborhood may seem a world away, but residents are closely following the financial crisis and violent protests in Greece.

Each morning, Greek-Americans file into the Omonia Cafe, a popular restaurant and bakery in Astoria, to pick up their coffee. Some patrons linger around later and watch in disbelief on Greek television as police disperse rioters with tear gas. Passions ran high as Greek lawmakers began their vote on the country's austerity measures.

"I'm very disgusted with the situation," says auto technician Jimmy Dimitriadis. "With the politicians, in my opinion, they're all criminals. They don't care for their country and their people."

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  1. "I'm happy to learn that the austerity measures have passed," said banker George Marulas.”
    Right on Gorgiou !

    Finally the greek politicos are acting civilized just like american politicos in sympatheticaly understanding bankers welfare needs.

    And we did not even have to send over gunboats ,the marines ,or even bazooka Paulson to tell them how to get the bill passed.


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