Friday, July 29, 2011

Kentucky Voices: Constitution Allows Obama To Raise Debt Ceiling

Brian Cooney

There is an insane quality to the spectacle of President Barack Obama and the GOP leadership bargaining over the debt ceiling. Republicans are demanding huge cuts in basic social programs in return for allowing the nation to pay its debts and avoid sovereign default.
These demands amount to extortion and an assault on our political system. Yet, instead of rejecting them out of hand, Obama is treating them as if they were part of a legitimate debate over policy.
In the April 28 edition of The Atlantic, legal scholar Garrett Epps composed a speech that the president could give to the American people in case Congress failed to authorize raising the debt ceiling by the Aug. 2 deadline.
Obama would state that because it's his constitutional duty as president to uphold the law, he will unilaterally . . . . .


  1. Ummm, he can pay the interest due on the debt without raising the ceiling. Money is still coming in. The amendment will require him to pay the debts first, before he spends it on other things.

    It does NOT authorize him to raise the debt ceiling by 2 trillion dollars.

    -Not Sam

  2. I totally agree with 3:52, and the U.S. Supreme Court would have to concur also if this matter had to be brought before the court.

  3. Mindless, lets raise the debt so we can go into more debt. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?

  4. Let's say that next Tuesday the 2nd Obama declares himself the Lord of the U.S. He declares himself our new dictator for life.

    What will happen? NOTHING!!!!

    The House will impeach him but the Senate won't lift a finger to remove him.

    We are finished as a nation. The Democratic party will kill the republic when this happens. All the Kool-aid drinking Democrats will praise our new emperor.

  5. It's nice to see some conservative posts on here. I'm tired of all the commies and libs blabbing about stuff that they SHOULD but DON'T get.

  6. And by "get" I mean "understand", not "receive". I know the commies feel they are entitled to everything, so I thought I'd clear that up.

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  8. CONSERVATIVE POSTJuly 29, 2011 at 7:25 PM

    Devil to TEA PARTIERS: (shrill whistle heard) "Àlright all you assholes-coffee break`s over!" "Get back to standing on your heads in the shitpile!"

  9. I actually believe I could cut spending, first we would stop sending billions over seas, 2nd cut presidents and congresses pay. Start cutting off imports and start making stuff in the USA

  10. The Messiah- semi monarchy, can save the Corporate state, the mighty dollar ,the welfare bailouts for the insolventbanker ruling elite ,and the pensioners .And most importantly and continue to pay for the permanent wars against the the third world people ,now expanding into Africa too.

    At the stroke of a monarchical pen .

    God bless America and keep the dollar money printing strong!

    The military industrial complex is still doing fine and its costs to empire can be reduced in future budgets .

    The recognition of the transitional government of NATO backed thug/rebels in Libya and their new central bank to "legally” loot the national savings of the Libyan people, is a stroke of pure economic messiah genius .Fully in the tradition of the self financing of the Roman empire .

    That subjected peoples should not be a burden on the occupying power.

    Subject peoples should pay reasonable
    reparations for the cost of the Empire wars and tribute for the continuing cost of occupation for “good governance” as the Libyans did with grain tributes during the old Roman occupation .

    Or,just Just as the people of India were taxed to pay the costs of the brilliantadministrators and better government and the military provided to backward Indian civilization by the British empire.
    Thats the sensible cost effective
    way to run an empire!

    Pallet loads of dollars and guns and boots on the ground military and civilian ‘advisors” will be arriving soon for the Rebels transitional government for regime change .
    All paid for by the past invested savings of the Libyan people!
    A Pure Genius ,twitter propaganda ,central banker backed coup over a now subject sovereign nation !

    So, in theory ,the probable future trillion $ total costs of the Libyan war to bomb and “save” the civilians into submission to the dollar hegemony ,will not be now continual future drag on the US military budget or on American taxpayers.

    What a financial genius the latest Messiah/saviour is!

    He is better money printer than even Bush was !

    Sure ,Doubters might ask:

    But, how did this plan for seizing the oil resources and the Iraqi sovereign nations savings to enforce the dollar hegemony work out in Iraq under Bush ?

    That failure of a mesiah , could not even find the weapons of mass destruction ,or even find a dead bin laden , let alone permanently seize the Iraqi oil to pay for the war !

  11. Who is appointed as the current sock puppet is of no consequence. They make no decisions and only take marching orders from the banksters. BO is GWB with a fro.

  12. Ah,but this blackface actor is brilliant, he already won enough money to ensure him the presidency AND theacademy award for political sock puppetry .

    The Nobel prize for peace no less!

    So far he has only expanded the war in Afghanistan and iraq into libya plus the odd bombing here or there in Pakistan,Yeman,etc
    But as an American man of peace he only threatens iran with "all options on the table".

    War is peace for the Empire!

    And as long as Obama bribes his suporters and continues with welfare handouts, he has the enthusiatic support of the "left wing' and banksters of empire.
    No refund of the Nobel prizemony for the man of peace is expected.

    He is doing his sock puppet job fine.

  13. Admire the cunning of the elite, not the puppet.
    B.O. is a worthless drone. True craftsman that were enlisted to enrich the corporations and destroy the real America were people like Edward Bernais. Highly suggest the video series Century of Self.

    We are simple animals, easy to control and manipulate. The more a person is into fake systems of control like politics and religion, the easier they are to manipulate.

    The sheeple get the government they deserve.

  14. I've noticed over and over the timeline of posts on this blog in relationship to the day
    of the week.
    Everybody is working
    Too damn funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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