Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Man Without a Plan: Obama’s Short-Sighted View of U.S. Politics

Michael Kazin

Remember when liberals believed and conservatives feared that Barack Obama might become another Franklin D. Roosevelt? On its cover, Time depicted the president-elect smiling from the driver’s seat of a 1930s roadster, cigarette holder pointing toward the welcoming sky. That dream—or nightmare, for Republicans—of Obama as both a great reformer and beloved statesman was quickly extinguished by the toxic mixture of a stagnant economy, unending GOP filibusters, the health care legislative muddle, and the president’s own failure to use his rhetorical skills to empathize with troubled citizens and inspire the nation.

But Obama has fallen short of FDR in another, equally consequential way: Unlike the jaunty chain-smoker who swept four straight elections, Obama appears to have no strategy for creating a long-term majority—either for his party or for the progressive causes he believes in. For all his talk about “winning the future” (and his undeniable intellectual gifts), Obama seems to think that solving immediate problems is the key to political victory.

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  1. This guy is a FAR Left moron. He advocates more Keynesian Stimulus.

    "Obama clearly understands that Keynesian stimuli, strict regulation of the financial industry, and decent health care benefits are the only policies, here and abroad, that can stabilize a capitalist economy and boost the morale and life-chances of the populace."

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHY WE ARE IN THE TROUBLE WE'RE IN! Oh Yeah lets just keep taxing the producers and spending it on more SOCIAL programs. I notice how The New Republic only allows their subscribers to comment on their asinine posts. Typical socialist/Communists that are afraid of opposing views. They live in a pseudo intellectual echo chamber. I HATE these people and want them to leave our Republic if they don't agree with the Constitution.We won't hold them here..Hell I would contribute to their one way ticket elsewhere with no chance for return. They can take Obama, Pelsoi, Holder, Schumer,Waxman, Frank,Feinstein,and all the other far lefters with them..Good Riddance!

  2. The Great Kenyon Impersonator reads the teleprompter...that's it! This Puppet has no independent political thought whatsoever...he mouths what his masters less and he can't remember any of it afterwards... Howdy Doody would be proud!

    Hey Soros and Rothchild...we're not buying the ilk from your Puppet anymore...


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