Monday, July 11, 2011

Migration making substantial contribution to development

Abdul Bayes

As a livelihood strategy, migration is increasingly coming into the forefront of academic and policy discussions. In developing countries, migration is crowned as the linchpin of the economic wheel. There may be room for considerable debate about different dimensions of migration but, "migration is essential, inevitable and potentially beneficial component of the economic and social life of every state and every region". Available studies emphatically show how remittances from abroad have played a pivotal role in domestic resource mobilisation of recipient countries. Migration within a region takes a variety of forms--students attending colleges and universities located in towns and cities, women moving to husbands family at a distant location, temporary rural to rural migration in response to spatial variation in cropping patterns and seasonal demand for labour, etc. But of late, migration for economic reasons, particularly rural-urban and migration abroad, has assumed new heights in analytical discourse. Although we have started our submissions eyeing on international migration, it is better to inform that migration may also be internal, such as within different regions of the same state.

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  1. Migration from a third world country into a modern Western country ALWAYS harms the citizens of the richer country. Migration into the U.S. has cost us jobs, wastes our tax revenues and is a major factor in our current depression. We need to stop it but more then that we need to reverse it. It's time to actively invite/force non-citizens to leave.

  2. Minor issue and a distraction.

    You (will) have a lot more in common with that Mexican scrounging for food and a job than the elite bankster trillionaire families that are orchestrating the global financing collapse.

    Stop looking at the puppets and scapegoats and focus on the wizards behind the curtain.

    Here they have their pride and joy the Federal Reserve right out there exposed for all to see. A cancer and a poison. Focus on educating people on why it should be terminated and you might make a dent.

    Blathering on about Mexicans, political puppets or parties, or this group or that group are orchestrated distractions to keep you busy while the families that want to make you a slave plot and plan.

  3. Being an American used to carry a certain "cache" that you and your forefathers were fortunate to leave your past ghosts and make something of yourself in the New World. Because we were the "underdog" Americans were generous as we wanted others to share our success but not the Eurpoean Aristrocracy. And our success wouldn't go unnoticed by the worlds old power elite...the former Aristocray Elite-PTB corrupted our politicians. Now those weak minded shills use open immigration as one of many swords to hasten the death of this once great nation. Immigrants made this country great and contributed to its creativity and strength...

    Now the old Aristocracy with its wealth and jealousy of this nations success will take every opportunity through financial means to destroy America...yes a nation of misfits and rebels defied the Royalty creating a nation of is experiencing a death by millions of swords one illegal and Fed Trillions at a time.


  4. No help, no God, only you and your survival skills.


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