Monday, July 4, 2011

Path for mortgage settlements?

The New York Times

Just how much will it cost the big banks to atone for the mortgage mess?

Bank of America announced last week that it would take a whopping $20 billion hit to put the fallout from the subprime bust behind it and satisfy claims from angry investors. But for its peers, the settlements may just be starting.

Heavyweight investors that forced Bank of America to hand over billions to cover the cost of home loans that later defaulted are now setting their sights on companies like JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo, raising the prospect of more multibillion-dollar deals.

“Bank of America has charted a path that our clients expect other banks will follow,” said Kathy D. Patrick, the lawyer who represented BlackRock, PIMCO, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and 19 other investors who hold the soured mortgage securities assembled by Bank of America.

Patrick’s clients are seeking $8.5 billion from Bank of America — a settlement that needs a judge’s approval and could still face objections from investors seeking a better deal. A date to review the blueprint has been set for Nov. 17.

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  1. Don't worry about the banksters as all those who bitch and moan about their unscrupulous
    wais ( but alas ! keep right on using said
    banksters) will continue to fund these blood
    sucking leeches thru ever increasing fees on
    everything from MAC machines to checking

    It may be your money pinheads; but we're gonna
    fucking charge you to get at it!

    People are so fucking stupid that they go right
    on padding the banksters coffers --- record
    profits once agin for the banksters


  2. Do your part home owners, those of you who are struggling to pay these ridculous loans back to the banksters and thier skanky famlies. Walk away from your payments. Hand the keys back to the banks.
    Even if you can afford to continue payments, why bother, your house is worth s@#t and the banksters are getting rich off of your blood and sweat, default now, it is totally invouge and fashionable to stratigic default, rather then continue to pay these banksters.


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