Monday, July 4, 2011

Priority No. 1

By Daniel Patrick Schamle, Lawrence

To the editor:

After the 2010 congressional elections (in which the Republican/tea party took control of the House and gained in the Senate), top Republican leaders were caught on film speaking to their followers, saying the “No. 1 priority” was to make President Obama a one-term president. With the country in the midst of the worst economic state since the Great Depression, an economic disaster caused by Republicans, they were going to focus on destroying a Democratic president. This was just days after campaigning for a year on “creating jobs.” But if jobs were created, if more people were employed, it made Obama more popular, increasing his chances of being re-elected. What to do?

How about not presenting a single (not one) jobs bill in the House? How about using the filibuster to kill Democratic-sponsored job bills in the Senate? “Priority One” must be served. Besides, the corporations (overwhelmingly Republican) are doing swimmingly — record low taxes (even before loopholes) and basking in wonderful profits over the last three years. Who cares about the middle and lower classes? Let them eat cake.

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  1. The country can never have jobs without real capitalism. Its just now that the failure of both Bush, who destroyed capitalism, and Obama, who laced the earth with salt so that capitalism can never recover, are being seen by all.
    Repub jobs bill? Didnt we already have enough stimulus packages that were supposed to create jobs. This article was written by an arm waver with no understanding of economics.

    What needs to happen to save the dollar is:
    -banks are allowed to fail.
    -a final recapitalization of the banking system.
    -hang all responsible bankers(Dimon, Blankfeld) in front of the Capital building as a warning to those who would defraud the public.

    If the dollar isnt saved, it wont matter if there are no jobs. It will only matter if you have food, water, bullets and a place to take a dump. All else will be unimportant.

  2. So demented are the Democrats and their followers that they actually believe the "jobs bills" was intended to create jobs. It was intended to allow the president to control large sums of money to give to friends and unions so they could donate to the Democrat reelection campaign. Who is it that doesn't care about the middle class???

  3. What part of "we are flat ass broke" don't you people get? We are swirling the bowl because both Partys are perfectly legal crime syndicates that receive tribute from those they serve. At this stage of the game your priorities should lie elsewhere and not about which Party did what. They both FOOKED the American People and don't we/humanity always get the government we deserve?


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