Sunday, July 17, 2011

What's the Next Chapter in the Economic Saga?

by Dan Nestlerode

The past several years in the economy and investment markets have been extraordinary. We have had the deepest recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Banks, brokerage firms and AIG went bust, or almost failed before the great bailout. The venerable firm of Lehman Bros. actually failed, while others were merged and/or propped up by massive politician-backed infusions of cash. The predictions were dire, and the politicians flinched and bailed out the financial industry, not to mention General Motors and Chrysler.

The Federal Reserve moved to make money widely available at a nearly 0 percent interest rate. When that was not enough, they bought hundreds of billions of dollars of Treasury debt as the federal government ballooned its expenditures in the face of falling tax receipts. The sharp expansion of credit fired up the stock and commodity markets, but it did little to spur everyday economic activity

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  1. Truly sad. No hope for our economy as we know it. We continue to allow the crooks to run our country. How do they stay in power? Because they have promoted moral decay. While the people are trying to get all the freebies that they can, impose their sexual perversion on the masses,and promoting liars and backstabbers by glamorizing reality shows like survivor and big brother, the crooks that run this country are robbing us. Keeping the people distracted with indulgent pleasures so they think the government is there to fullfill their every need. The people are given over to delusions that nothing bad can ever happen in the U.S.

  2. The key word is delusion. A populace completely under the control of manipulators. Watch the video series CENTURY OF SELF and learn how our owners gained complete control of our beliefs, wants and desires. Amazing stuff. We are no different than ants in one of those flat plastic ant farms.

  3. rome had bread and entertainment..worked for a time. oh well.
    what's next, more italy greece and spain climbs onboard along with portugal and ireland...and the UK, lloyds being sold off same as italy's banks which started their appearance in the forey. pass a ceiling here but austerity will come here soon enough, maybe no tax increases along with spending cuts unlike our motherland UK and cousins greece, still even spending cuts now by state are starting to have their effect so when fed cuts people will notice as they contract/fund half the gdp with the spending.
    defaults started falls down to a core, uk, us, china's card house falls...oh, and war..s...give it all time, yet may seem fast looking back. ...wonder if the romans who saw things better still felt like it took so long to happen, yet when looked back at time did seem fast I suppose. 5 short years ago the whole world was just peachy huh LOLOL now look.

    watched a doc on advertments this weekend...true, they attempt to make one focus on what they don't have rather then have already..making people feel lacking and in need of something therefore buy..consume. consumeconsumeconsume we don't have this and that and needneedneed it. still, people choose to be fooled, we always victims here.

  4. when TBTF banksters after having past losses socialised anf recapitalised by hanout money bailouts and in addition have a monopoly of interest free money supplied by government in a corporate state they in the end have a monopoly of future profits.

    Other capital wespecialy small capitals cannot compete.
    especialy if in bad times like now if they are unprepared to loan out their free capital but can hoard it at the Fed and get interest on it !
    Is this really capitalism?


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