Saturday, July 2, 2011

York officials: City not in same financial boat as Harrisburg

By EMILY OPILO Daily Record/Sunday News

York, PA - Harrisburg is a city on the brink of financial collapse.

Week to week, city employees wait to see if officials will scrape together the money to cut their paychecks, creditors breath down the necks of the city's elected leaders and the debt from a failed investment in the city's incinerator now tops $300 million, according to published reports.

And the state is closing in.

Harrisburg has been undergoing Pennsylvania's Act 47 process in order to straighten out its financial future, but the act comes with some state recommendations -- such as selling assets and raising taxes -- that many in Harrisburg don't like. Some city leaders have pushed for the city to declare bankruptcy and keep the legislature out of its finances. The legislature last week passed a bill that makes it harder for third class cities to ignore Act 47.

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