Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brace for Impact

Greg Hunter

"Brace for Impact" I have thought about this economic collapse title for months. I held onto it and figured I would know when the right time was to put it out there. Today is the day. Watching mainstream media (MSM) this weekend, you would think a one notch downgrade to America's debt doesn't really matter. For example, former CNBC anchor Erin Burnett said Friday night on CNN the downgrade was "already priced into the market." The panel spoke as if the first U.S. debt downgrade in history was no big deal. To that I say, positively absurd!...........
The kind of impact we are going to have will not be like flying into the side of a mountain. It will be the kind of crash that skids over land, clipping trees and buildings until the plane ends up wingless in a smoldering heap. I just hope the fuel tanks don't ignite when the long rough ride is over...........


  1. How old is this article? From last weekend?

  2. "Deficits don't matter" by Dick Cheney, and "U.S. downgrade already priced in..." by Erin Burnett.

    Yes, and that is probably why the economy is now in complete shambles.

  3. The article I think is older but it doesn't matter, we got some serious issues in this economy.
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