Thursday, August 11, 2011

We, the Human Robots

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Charles E. Rexford

Being the first of hopefully many blog entries to come, I find it necessary to reveal who I am and what I believe. I am a born and breed American and I love my country, but is this fact even important? I am a person that does NOT say “God Bless America”, as I believe God is greater than any country, people or politic. I say “God Bless us All” and our tiny blue planet. Furthermore, I am not one that believes the ideas of “War brings Peace, Ignorance is Strength, or terrorism is everywhere”- these statements are lies. Even though I am American, I am proud to say Iran is NOT my enemy, nor Syria nor any other country for that matter. I am not oblivious to the tyrannical nature of man and his abuses of the population and domination of the weak. I am opposed to these ideas, but I am not an enemy to the people of any country, as I too am oppressed. I cannot say to anyone, there is snow on your doorstep,while my own steps are unswept – my country has committed many atrocities.

So, am I different from my fellow citizens? No, I am not. I have just taken the necessary steps to learn the “true” history of the world and disregard the story fed to me since my waking life began. You and I have been deceived my friends. Now, I realize is my destiny is to, as the “Matrix movie” put it so eloquently “unplug” both my fellow man and continue to learn myself. The storyline of this movie has run out of new scenes, the marionette strings are about to be cut.


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  3. Do with the information as you will. Soon enough you'll be up to your nose is chaos. Do not say you were not warned my friend. I do not want money from anyone, just learn your history. Go bash elsewhere.

  4. William L. Hart Jr.August 11, 2011 at 3:14 PM

    We are in for change OK, however, it is not quite the change we Americans expected. I believe the Marxist movement world wide is at large and behind this "change"!
    Communism did not die a natural death as claimed by most Capitalists, it simply took a turn and went underground. It morphed and became woven in to many Environmeental, Peace, Unions and other socialistic type organizations world wide.
    Economics is the new "Cold War" and it is raging between the Left and Right.
    Coming to a country near you... and soon!
    bill hart

  5. True Communism is a state planned economy for the benefit of the masses. It has never really existed, since revolutions were eventually derailed by dictator bureaucrats like Stalin or planned as a subterfuge by capitalists to distract the masses from their true power. What we have in the US today is a planned economy designed to benefit certain crony capitalists. When government serves corporations it is called fascism. There is no left and right, there is only politically connected insider ultra-rich elites and everyone else.

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  7. fascism/corporatism is the game

  8. Good article:)I cant wait to read part 2....Good article:)I cant wait to read part 2....


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