Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Democrats Cry Betrayal On Obama Debt Deal

Alex Spillius Washington

DEMOCRATS turned their fire on President Barack Obama after he reached a deal with Republicans on raising the US debt level, accusing him of a capitulation that has harmed his chances of re-election next year.
Although the White House boasted about a triumph for compromise, many left-wingers feel betrayed, saying the price of the deal to raise the US borrowing limit is too high.
Representative Emanuel Cleaver, a Missouri Democrat, said of the deal: ''On the surface it looks like a sugar-coated Satan sandwich.''

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  1. I am of the view that Obama may well have cost his reelection Sunday with this deal as it is currently structured. He lost a lot of support in his own party, support he would need in next year's elections. The question is going to start to become louder, why should I vote for Obama and what has he done to help life in America? Most Americans would point to Obamacare, this debt deal, and raising the ante in AFghanistan along with getting bin Laden. But he has not been proactive on jobs creation, he still has financial elite cronies in the Treasury and Fed, and I for one am finding it harder to generate a business case why I should vote for him next year. It will depend on who he is against, as well as the state of unemployment. At 9.2% and weak economic metrics, he will not get reelected at this rate nor should he. Yes, he inherited from Bush much of this but no he has not done anything to improve the status much either in a large way, as the CEO for America, he takes responsibility for the country not performing, whatever the political obstacles may be. Sorry.


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