Monday, August 8, 2011

Economic Crisis: End Of The American Era


The first week of August 2011 will probably go down in history as the time when the American dollar effectively and finally lost its status as the world’s foremost reserve currency -- and European leaders were told by the market that it does not believe they have a credible plan in place to deal with the Euro zone’s sovereign debt problems. The week started hopeful enough with the American congress, after weeks of political brinkmanship, at the eleventh hour reaching a bi-partisan deal to lift that country’s debt ceiling. But, within hours on the back of disappointing economic indicators such as manufacturing and employment figures, and renewed bad news from European countries like Italy, Spain and Portugal, it went pear -shaped.....


  1. in the absence of adequate international governance of financial management...the role of regulator has fallen to the rating agency which has proven ineffective...just another caller for the formation of "the panel". hear alot of those calling for that sort of thing lately. and how it's spun to sound as the only viable alternative, the best solution. interesting. wait for the idea to hit mainstream media and it'll tracked. during emergency's various things will, always have

  2. I give a rats less about the maaaket, I’m glad to see the smugs get hit like we low level savers have been since gen.bernakapart crapped on the interest rates.

    As usual though it went down by 600 and now back up to 500 down and the CNBC clowns are already sayin “its off its lows” ita a “ralley”, smirks, Cramer will be out soon with the noise makers and party hats.

    Those that had the bucks to buy gold last year are doing well, I didn’t have the bucks to buy it than and damn sure don’t now, but so it goes.

  3. 3 30\
    you have wisdom and you cant buy that

    but americans are stupid sheep
    we made our bed
    dont worry all the homos can get married and you can abort all your babies
    so goes the morals so goes the usa

    welcome to the real world without the power of gods love

  4. buy silver the next leg will be great
    they are throwing everything to keep it cheap
    silver 140. dollars an ounce soon

  5. 3:30

    Brilliant in its simplicity ...

    A. Back off and let those men who want to marry men, marry men.

    B. Allow those women who want to marry women, marry women.

    C. Allow those folks who want to abort their babies, abort their babies.

    D. In three generations, there will be no Democrats.

    Damn - I love it when a plan comes together

  6. lol. to the above.

    When I read just now Dow dropped 600 points my heart tingled with joy. That was a good moment to reflect upon.

    Now come on, you can't actually feel sorry for those vampires right? First they rob the American people, then they make HBO shows about their lives while Americans get stupid watching them...

    I never liked these undead creatures. One time in my life I thought they were cool, I was 14.

    I can't wait to see them start jumping out of windows. Or if they are forced to come out into the sunlight...

  7. Feminism will bring down any nation! And the current politicians from local, state and fed are almost all feminized.


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