Saturday, August 27, 2011

England Riots 2011: Rioters Show no Remorse for Their Actions, Society Break Down or Lame Excuse?

Thomas Costello

It is becoming abundantly clear that the rioters that took hold of the streets of Birmingham, London and Manchester two weeks ago show little remorse for their criminal behavior. The actions of the rioters across England have destroyed people's livelihoods, their homes and the confidence of the communities that could no doubt see businesses leave the areas affected. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that the longer term effects of the riots will be falling house prices in the areas that were the focus of media attention as well as some areas becoming abandoned.

A second poll, this time an ICM poll for the Guardian on the same date revealed that 52 per cent of people blamed bad parenting on the riots with 47 per cent blaming gang culture. The British public was appalled by what happened two weeks ago and it is time to accept that these rioters were no more than opportunists and thugs’ hell bent on causing damage because police were stretched. Where were the placards, marches and protesters? The government must be on the side of the communities affected and must work to stop such incidents happening again but we must not make lame excuses for the true reasons why shops were looted and homes burnt down across England a fortnight ago.


  1. I'd wager the farm that the entire outburst would NOT have happened if there was near full employment and retention of social welfare programs. The British are being screwed by the wealthy elites just like we are, but they have a little more in the way of cohones. Wait until our 'gang' members and bad parenting parents finally give up in frustration concerning finding meaningful employment and careers. You can't have it both ways - a mordant economy with NO future resuscitative possibilities and leveling the resulting unrest and blame on gangs and bad parenting (Do you truly expect people to sit around quietly as their lives fall apart?). People are DESPERATE and don't worry, the scumbags with lots of money are going to make it worse. Good luck one and all!

  2. There is a link to the story from "The British government has applied a blanket ban on all kind of marches and protest gatherings in London"
    You will never going to see this story on BBC which is the British government sponsored media. Welcome to your future where freedom restricted.


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