Saturday, August 20, 2011

Global Markets Buckle as Bad News Sparks Heavy Sell-Off

Associated Press

Just when Wall Street seemed to have settled down, a barrage of bad economic reports collided with fresh worries about European banks on Thursday and triggered a global sell-off in stocks. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 419 points -- a return to the wild swings that gripped the stock market last week. The selling began in Asia, where Japanese exports fell for a fifth consecutive month, and continued in Europe, where bank stocks were hammered because of worries about debt problems there, which have proved hard to contain……

On Wall Street, the losses wiped out much of the roughly 700 points that the Dow had gained over five days. Some investors who bought in the middle of last week decided to sell after they were confronted with a raft of bad news about the economy. More people joined the unemployment line last week than at any time in the past month. The number of people filing claims for unemployment benefits rose to 408,000, or 9,000 more than the week before……

And the average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage fell to its lowest on record. The rate on the most popular mortgage hit 4.15 percent -- just below the 4.17 percent reached last November. The last time long-term rates were lower was in the 1950s, when 30-year loans weren't widely available……


  1. It is strange after watching the last five years transpire that a slightly larger percentage of the sheeple are awakening.

    They are figuring out that there will no long term recovery.

    One thing they will never figure out is WHO is causing all of this for their benefit, the banksters Euro families who own the Federal Reserve.

  2. Last week our puppet in charge blasted one of the stage actors/candidates for saying the Fed was 'treasonous.'

    B.O. is paid to protect the banksters' image and plans. He has their back.

  3. WTF difference does it really make WHO ??

    When YOU cannot change IT

    You are then much better off putting your energies into something that does make a difference

    And there are millions of examples - all around us; every single day - do not become engulfed in thought of these evildoers; for the bell tolls for them as it does for all; live YOUR life.

  4. You cannot fully live your live as a slave. You are a slave.

  5. 8:13 the Sheeple battle cry. Don't bother looking over your shoulder to see WHO is screwing you, just go about your sheeple life in ignorance.

  6. The united states is flirting with danger
    Its time is almost up

  7. R E D A L E R T... W A R N I N G...

    Next week Europe might experience liquidity freezes far worst than 2008 if Bernanke doesn't pump hundreds of billions of dollar swap line. Check out the graph from

    My bet is Bernanke is quietly doing it as I type.

  8. Then your bet is safe - as I have allready stated a zillion times on this blog; the entire worlds financila system is cojoined at the hip -
    and the world central banksters will not let a
    major entity fail. No; when this sonofabitch
    lets go their will be no doubt --- NONE as to what's going on; as we all implode together.

    We are all slaves; name me ONE period in time under ONE "rule of law" in ONE place that the
    "common" man was not a slave - you cannot come up with your utopia; sorry. We do however have a brain for a reason & I just love to read about the people on here who have gotten out of the rat race, don't use banks and could care less what George Soros is up too

    Go plant a garden instead

  9. 8:58 Exactly! I get so damn tired of idiots writing about the sheeple this and the sheeple that! From 1776 until present what really has changed in the hierarchy? Before that in Englad; it was even worse and before that in Spain it was even worse than that and the portugese and the blah blah blah and of course there were the native indians of this land; they
    weren't slaves; they just scalped each other whenever thier paths crossed.

    No - somebody out there show me a better time to be alive and I'll go there; after all - we can always go backwards; it's that moving forward thing that gets real dicey

  10. You must never truly think of yourself as "common" you must always know yourself to the pinnacle of humanity. You must always keep one hand hidden and ready. Sheeple is a disgusting thing to call someone and shows nothing but your arrogance. As for George Soros, that evil man stokes the fires for a new world order with him and his ilk at the top.

  11. But by viewing yourself as the apex of humanity is that not breeding egotism which is the reason people attempt to observe the inferiority in others? If one was truly confident in his own supremecy he would not need to compete with others by measuring himself.

  12. Snake - having said your first line though; one must also be truthful to one's self. Most people have a gift; some go thru life and never find it; having been sidetracked by the miriad
    of lifes trivialties. Those of us that do discover that "hey I'm damn good at this" and puruse this thing also find out very quickly that there are 7 billion other people on this planet and that one or more of them will always be better at what you do than you are.

    I am 67 years young now; but will never forget my first lesson on this accord. I shot for the
    Army thru the DCM in N.Y. and was rated in the top 10 in my district 3 years in a row. Then I was sent to states - WOW!

    I went from top 10 to bottom 5 but did manage to qualify for the 500 meter free and got sent to regionals in Indiana that year

    Not only did I shoot great; I shot better than I ever had - didn't place and didn't even come close - number 76 out of 120.

    I am a common man with a skill set that I know how to use; and I have learned that lesson over and over again;but I assure you - am far, far from the pinnacle of anything

    And I been at er awhile


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