Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Evidence: Slave Labor Not Cheap Enough; Wal-Mart Has Ninth Straight Quarterly Decline in Sales

Mac Slavo

As if the lowest consumer sentiment in three decades wasn't enough, the largest retailer in the world provides yet more evidence that the consumer in the United States is being unabatedly destroyed.....

Millions of jobs lost. Millions more left to lose. Credit for everything except college tuition is almost nonexistent. Wages and benefits are deteriorating. 401(k)'s and savings accounts have been tapped. The value of homes, the leading investment product of America's middle class, have been wiped out. The country's gross domestic product, the key measure of economic growth, has collapsed. We are on the brink of the next phase of this crisis, when the last of the easy money (for Main Street) runs out, is going to be nothing short of financial Armageddon, because the government will have no ammunition to counteract the next market collapse....


  1. Just one more fall out from Gen Bernakapart's rate plan.

    who shops at these store's the most? hmm maybe retirees?

  2. you ain't seen nuthin' yet - wait until you hear what gen bernakapart says at Jackson Hole

    yeah buddy ! this is great stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. An 8 dollars an hour pro-union employee working for Target was fired. Can't compete with slave wage in third world country.

  4. Yes, I'm on Social Security and I shop at Walmart. But it's mostly for pet food and dry goods. I would never buy real food there and I don't think their prices are such great bargains. If you don't compare prices, you will get screwed.

    I saw the trend away from Walmart and towards buying at Dollar General two years ago. That's because I started doing it myself after getting fed up with Walmart's rising prices. They are also not too great about restocking the shelves. Each week I'd look for a specific brand and flavor dog food and either find nothing or only a dozen cans.

    By the way, Walmart has raised the price of pet food so many times that I'm actually finding cheaper stuff at the supermarkets.


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