Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We, The Human Robots - Chapter 2

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Charles E. Rexford

Who will escape the new harsh economic realities place upon us by our leaders? If my insight is correct and if our illustrious superiors get their way, then the answer is no one will escape. In my introductory essay, I outlined the basic agenda put into place by a Royal Elitist Class (REC) who remain hidden behind our governmental leaders. If you have not done so already, please read my introductory piece at, titled Chapter 1. Since exposing the REC will take a tremendous amount of time, it is best to concentrate our efforts on the evidence trail left by these Elitists.

Just as 9/11 was the starting point for the ideological loss of constitutional freedoms and institutionalization of a police state in America, the World Banking Collapse was the first nail in the coffin for the world’s common class citizenry. The fall of Lehman Brothers Bank (along with other financial institutions) was the economic catalyst that started the dominoes falling with the ultimate goal of the total American society collapse. Now, I understand this statement on the surface appears to be exaggerative, but if one looks at the facts surrounding the banking system downfall, the causes are easily determinable.

The beginning of the end came when the “Federal Reserve”, a private organization headed by the world’s largest banks, instituted an easy money, low interest rate policy in the United States. Near the year 2000, interest rates determined by The Federal Reserve were excessively low thereby allowing easy loans via mortgage lending banks. We all remember the stories of people buying $300,000 homes in California, without even providing proof of income to the loan officer. In response, the ountry’s property values skyrocketed due to the exponentially increasing demand. Why were these loans made and who benefitted?


  1. No Problem America !

    The annointed one shall once agin save your retched selves just AFTER labor day with --

    A speach !

    In it ------- he will lay out ;;;; in GREAT detail --- his vision for America!

    A bigger, better and much broader foodstamp program!

    Yeah; that's right! Foodstamps

    What a bloody fucking genius this negro is!!!

  2. Yeah fuck the black man who is responsible for everything. Congress and the house and the rest of the stupid government had nothing to do with how were all going in the shitter. I got an idea let's elect another fucking idiot hick motherfucker from Texas to start another war with money we don't have. The GOVERNMENT is to blame as a whole as in everyone from the last twenty years who ran our country into the ground. Guess what you and I and everyone else in this country voted for everyone of those greedy motherfuckers that we call politicians into a position of power to better their life not ours as a country. Fuck government cause their fucking over everyone of us and have been for lord knows how long and the people who are going to be in control when the economy shits the bed are the rich ones who own all the land and gold and other shit and im gonna be watching my family and millions of other families die. But hey blame the black president cause he spent all the money, just him, no one else in the government.(yes there's sarcasm being used in that last sentence.

  3. Clean up your language or get off this site.
    Thank You.

  4. I must say that hatred is the ignorance that is letting the Elitist win. Have you ever heard of divide and conquer? It's the oldest strategy in the book. Those of you blaming another race, who is just as broke as you will be, is NOT your enemy.

    There is an economic war occuring right now. Obama is Bush, Bush is Clinton. They are all middle-level managers, all with the same boss. Wake up my friends. It's us (the people) against then (the Elite).

  5. That is not true Charles. That only applies when enemies want to ally against a common enemy. An enemy of my enemy is not my friend.
    (Firstly, keep in mind, I'm not racist. The following is not centered on race.)

    Revolutions throughout history were permeated with the mentality that everything boils down to the rulers versus the "people." The "people" in these cases, merely turn out to be those not ruling. Many ended up replacing one horrible group of tyrants with worse ones.

    Americans cannot even peacefully negociate over a bottle of ketchup. What causes Americans to be so insane? Obviously the amount of sources sucking away their contentment and self esteem plays a massive role (material crap, television, broken families, etc.) We are not able to get along with or trust anybody these days, so how could we unite on something this big under these conditions?

    The division in this country, however, is not because of the elites ruling us. The division rests on the fact that people have different desires and agendas than others.

    Major groups divide people so they can attempt to reach their common utopias. Hence the reason for the Tea Party, Communist Party USA, KKK, Black Panthers, and such.

    Regardless of any change in government, humanity will not improve nor will individuals become happier. Man is supposed to be like this, why else would we need to exist in this crappy physical body if we were psychologically and emotionally perfected?

  6. Banksters are killing usAugust 18, 2011 at 12:10 PM

    Everyone is bitter i can see from the posts, and rightfully so. A lot of bent up anger is coming through these blogs.
    Remember it is not the presidents fault, the black mans fault or the Texans fault.
    It's the banksters and their families, the Bernie madoffs types, they have free money sitting in their banks, printed by the private Federal reserve, made up of International banksters. They loan out this printed monopoly money at ridiculous rates, which we the working poor need because everything is so damn expensive and Now we are enslaved to debt.
    The international banking cartel is destroying us and our country.
    We the people must continue the boycotting of the American economy until it collapses so we can run these banksters out of our country.

  7. lots of anger..caught by surprise and now upset? now that the way of the world is apparent, the ugly truth, upset? everything anyone needed to come to a better understanding of ourselves, mankind and the world is there. people have heard, refused to believe, people have access, refuse to look deeply into matters..choices. so now that things are showing forth, that's no excuse for hatred or bitterness, when the truth was available to be known the whole time. hurts to learn the world was lying to us in so many ways

    yep, there is no safe place in the world to run, even in rosey times, we all have an appointment to keep one day. question is, what after.

  8. The major reason the ones called "elites" cause so much trouble is that they outsmart themselves. They try different methods to achieve their goals but forget that structuring plans around demographics is like the fool who tried to herd a flock of chickens. The powerfully placed cause chaos as an unintended consequence of their agendas.

  9. Oh brother, cut me a break. The most powerful man in the world, free or otherwise and you Tritans still want to lay it all at clinton's feet or bush;s feet; as if they were not all powerful under their reign - they were. The president of the USA; regardless of what these
    NWO activist progressives wish to sell you; can, and DO propigate their agenda - WHATEVER that is - we have sen it time, after time after time.

    This one just happens to be black and very, very stupid

    Sorry, but those are the facts.

    Don't beleive me? Put Ron Paul in

    20% tax on ALL Imports - immediately hiring 45,000 inspectors at ALL of our ports to inspect, tally and record EVERY container hitting our ports

    Close ALL 227 Military bases and bring those troops HOME - Build NEW bases along our borders; complete with housing, airstrips and
    communication complex; illegal immigration no longer a problem; keep our men and women in uniform focused and enployed on a common cuase that WE CAN WIN

    ALL crude is now purchased at 42.00 / U.S. per barrel - don't wish to do business? that's fine
    bring ALL the offshore rigs back to the Gulf; all exports of Alaskan crude stop right here right now and oh by the way; we are tapping all our natural gas reserves and exporting none - that goes for coal as well

    Sorry; but the entitlement program just got shut down; if your alive and breathing and paid into the system; we will take care of you; if you alive and breathing and have not; guess what
    we've got a job for you and guess what? If you don't want it at a fair wage for a fair dyas work

    Starve you r commie ass

    THAT'S the way it has to be

  10. August 18, 2011 7:56 PM says
    Close ALL 227 Military bases and bring those troops HOME;
    Yup and those young kids who come home will be on Americas welfare and food stamp program, cause no companies is hiring anyone, especially when they can get the same amount of work done with less people.

    That's the way is is


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