Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nick Clegg Needs To Demand Action Over Chancellor's Reckless Economic Policy

Voice of the Mirror

Chancellor George Osborne’s tax rises and spending cuts are choking recovery – with economic growth stalled at 0.2% over nine months. Conservative economic policy is bankrupt, and the price of his ideological experiment is being borne by families and businesses struggling to make ends meet.
The economy was doing better under Labor, getting back on its feet after the global financial collapse. Mr. Osborne first slammed on the brakes then rammed it into reverse gear. The result is an unbearable squeeze in living standards and lost jobs.

The Chancellor was reckless to suck £12billion spending power out of the economy with a record VAT rise then impose too deep, too soon spending cuts. Nick Clegg appears to be waking up to the damage inflicted by the Tory coalition. Instead of grumbling, the Deputy Prime Minister should demand action – or the future prosperity of Britain will be destroyed.

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