Thursday, August 18, 2011

Police Brutality = Police State: It’s Not Coming, It’s Here! – And We Need To Do Something About It


Police and their actions need to be accountable to the people of that community. . .......

All Bad Police should be immediately removed, by the Community.
All to often, even when there is Video evidence of Gross Police Misconduct, resulting in Death or Major Injury, they walk away clean on the flimsiest of reasons.
Police Brutality in any form, can not be tolerated ...........

We of-course are asking you to back the only Political Party that is even talking about Police Brutality and what it is leading to. ........

With our Partners at U.S. Judicial Corruption and their network of like-minded organizations, this is an issue, that will not die, until the Police of America work for ‘The People’, not AGAINST ‘The People’. The very last Video shows the Police State that we are headed for, or where we already are. “You Have Been Warned”.........


  1. Good God learn how to spell


    No Knock Raid - Lindy

  3. The US has turned into Nazi Germany Part Deux and the Anon @ 5:46 PM is worried about spelling errors....

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What ignorance!

  4. 10:53 don't embarass yourself when you write an article and you can't even spell "too". "of-course" LOL

  5. I'm no fan of these kids with badges that have been turned into some sort of water walking elite untouchables able to do pretty much what they want.

    However seeing some of these punks flash mob shit heads, the constant TV shows about the snot rag headed arthritic finger signers pointing guns at the camera and talking shit, the lockup shows with more morons, it makes me want to see the cops go even more nuts. I mean damn, were so worried about Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kadafi. We got more than enough animals wondering the streets here to remove.

    I am kinda tired of the idiots on that Vegas jail show, they are a bit over board with some of the low level drunks, some of the antics of those fools are border line Gestapo tactics for no more than moving a hand.


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