Thursday, August 4, 2011

Recession Fears Revived As Economic Data Point To Critically Weakened Growth

Huffington Post

Three years after the worst economic downturn in generations, the American economy increasingly appears vulnerable to another recession.
Months of slow growth and external shocks have wounded the economy to a critical extent, economists say. After Washington lawmakers agreed to raise the nation's debt ceiling in exchange for hundreds of billions in federal spending cuts over the next decade, investors breathed only momentary relief. They quickly changed focus to the increasingly ugly fundamentals: Gross domestic product is barely growing, the unemployment rate is high, home prices are falling and the manufacturing sector is suffering, with little relief in sight.
A stream of data in recent days vividly portrays a sick economy . . . . . .


  1. Hy no problem, not to worry, the stock pushers and you metal bugs will get your general Bernakapart to ride in with the troops and bring on QE what ever to get your stocks and metal up and drill another hole int the dollar, while continuing to pound us savers who "did the right thing" in our low class lives and live below our means and actually "save" some of those worth less dollars what ever it takes to keep the intrest rates at 0

    those CNBC clowns are so funny, the market drops 300 and goes back to 296 and first thing out of their mouth is "its off its LOWS", smirks,.... man

  2. If you are referring to people with silver or other precious metals as part of that you are misguided. Stocks, dollars, yes.

    Silver is at $41 and will be $60+ by Dec 31st without a doubt. The stock market however will not be up 50% and is an incredible risk at this point.

  3. yeah it's the same numbers and stats that'v been evident for awhile, but suddenly it's "here" and "new" news and we'z gunna us QE, oh won't you QE please.

    don't blame gold bugs, saw the writing on the wall and acted, didn't create the system nor steer it and gold won't save any, although a useful tool for a time food will be as important huh

    didn't anyone tell those who'll be caught unawares? or did they choose not to listen? plenty been said about what's coming..very bad, the drop in stocks will pale as to the tribulations coming...any can go and read it then turn and see it being played out across the globe in actions daily. when power steerers of the globe talk of a new currency, and country's struggle to combat the falling doller in their own fx markets and hand over fiscal policy power to select "panels" which may eventually merge(don't they already get together and coordinate actions in private) with euro's into a western centered global panel of concerted action and there's much suffering, what will it lead to? a return to safe currency's everywhere and a strong healthy doller? good times and strong sovereign nations? or one form of currency, and rule by a few, and wars. bank holiday's, market closures(italy closed today? india last month and others before) and worse ahead.

  4. our American news is wonderful especially CBS, CNBC, and FOX they always tell the American people the right way to invest! Love Jim Kramer, he knows THE STOCK MARKET DROP is just a slight setback, you really all should get back into the stock market its going to be fine!


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