Friday, August 19, 2011

Reports: Bank of America Cutting 10,000 or More Jobs

The Associated Press

Bank of America (BAC) is cutting 3,500 employees this quarter and working on restructuring plans that will ax several thousand more, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times report, citing people familiar with the situation. The reports Friday said that the job cuts at the biggest U.S. bank by assets might exceed 10,000 or about 3.5% of its work force.......

Many other banks and financial institutions are also cutting staff. They are under pressure to improve returns to investors amid a weak U.S. economy and new restrictions on........


  1. I'm wondering if this moment here on earth is what took place before the Jedi came to power prior to the Republic? Before the Sith were banished the first time...

    Oh well, 10,000 pointless jobs much like any other lay off be it hospital staff, teachers, construction workers, police, firemen, government employees, or car salesmen.

    Soon, we will have an empire full of cashiers and Socialists will RULE THE GALAXY! And there will be... anarchy.

  2. I truly hate to say the Big Banks are just getting what they deserve. The unfortunate part is the only people being cut are the ones that had nothing to due with the Bank aqcuiring the Toxic Assests that are sinking the Western World.

  3. WF charging fee's now for having it's debit card, say it's because of the fee cap imposed and harming their revenue stream...didn't the bailout window help?

  4. I can't imagine the banks just falling apart. I am sure we the people will bail them out again. It's inevitable.

  5. The banks are getting exactly what they deserve, but the upper elite are taking it our on the small insignificant worker.
    The uba rich are still in power sucking up the little peoples salaries whom they are laying off.

    They are disgusting, immoral, and someone, somewhere, maybe a laid off employee, is going to go postal on some bank executive in a town somewhere near you.


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