Friday, August 12, 2011

The Stock Market Crash of 2011?

The Economic Collapse

How far does the stock market have to go down before we officially call it a crash? The Dow is now down more than 2,000 points in just the last 14 trading days. So can we now call this "The Stock Market Crash of 2011"? Today the Dow was down 519 points. Yesterday, an announcement by the Federal Reserve indicating that the Fed would keep interest rates near zero until mid-2013 helped the Dow surge more than 400 points, but all of those gains were wiped out today…..
The truth is that this debt crisis is just beginning. There is no magic potion that is going to make all of this debt suddenly disappear.
Most Americans have no idea how much financial pain is coming. We have been living way beyond our means for decades, and now we are going to start paying for it……
So let's certainly hope that the current stock market crash does not set off another major global recession. We certainly do not need things to get significantly worse than they are right now. But whether it hits now or later, the truth is that a whole lot of economic pain is on the way. The U.S. and Europe have been making really, really bad decisions for decades, and we are not going to be able to escape the consequences of those decisions.
The global financial system is one huge mountain of leverage, risk and debt. A collapse is inevitable. When you build a house of cards on a foundation of sand, you should not be surprised when it comes crashing down. The next wave of the economic collapse is coming, and those that are wise will get prepared.……..


  1. This article is a few days old. When the stocks dived by 600 points, it only took a day for them to magically climb back up 400 points. How about that?

    Well, it is obvious someone or some group can manipulate numbers like that in order to divert people from panic. That falling 600 points, and having gold skyrocket at the same time must have really scared them.

    Want to see the funniest shit? Firstly, I predicted a year ago that businesses, especially nationally or globally renown ones, that were laying people off in massive numbers were planning it so they could let people go in certain intervals of time. But when executing these plans they could pretend they had no idea about it. One reason is so they could look like they are doing better than they are, and the other is because they're in denial of reality.

    Here's the USPS a few days back planning 120,000 lay offs by 2015:

    Here's them getting a little bit more honest more recently as they definitely propose 120,000 layoffs (without the "by 2015"):

    Here's the official outcome, they are letting go of 220,000 people instead of 120,000, and 300 facilities are closing almost immediately!


  2. Unfortunately, baby boomers currently have the all the money and the political power. Because of this the collapse will take longer. But it will happen. I only hope that it happens in their lifetime. If there is any real justice in this world, it will - as they grew up in a free country and allowed it to become the nanny-state it is today.

  3. The entire trans-atlantic Monetary empire is in its final breaths. This can be looked at in one of two ways, "damn, My stocks!" or "yay, that shit sucked anyway!" We now have the opportunity to move back to the American system of political economy because the Empire which has high-jacked policy making in the US is brutally bankrupt! It's not going to be an easy feat to destroy the enemy but it is a war which is the only one worth fighting to ensure a future for this republic and the world. We must fight to remove Barack Obama, he has already shattered our governing document in multiple ways, more than Bush, more than Nixon, and with this new Debt deal he is making the push towards Hitler and Hjalmar Schact's austerity measures by superseding our constitutional system. Secondly, we must go back to the Roosevelt banking system where commercial banking is strictly limited to deposits and loans, no crazy investment schemes like Mortgage-Backed Securities or Carbon Swaps.. The bill for this sort of measure is in the house, its HR 1489! mobilize to push it through!

    here is a link to a call by Lyndon LaRouche, Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Jacque Cheminade on the current crisis and its remedies!

  4. I think the DOW has to go down to parity with Gold before anyone even acknowledges there's an issue. Before that you'll have analyst A or analyst B saying ad nauseum how we saw that in this year or that year and we've seen this before.

    Now if DOW hits 1200, ok well then I would say load the kids on a plane before the police round ups begin to the camps.....

  5. The Dow and Gold will meet. That is a no brainer in the next two years.

    Paypal/Ebay is working with the banksters to track all sales per year over $20k now. They don't want a slave's thin dime slipping out of their greedy little fingers.

  6. Who give a shit about the stock market crash? Main street already crashed. We need to talk about the ordinary people who are unemployed.

  7. market closure before dow gold parity. bank holiday's market closures...

    yeah that USPS thing reminds one of the way some gov release, BLS..will be released, revised quietly later, then after, revised again..even more quietly.

  8. A complete implosion of the stock market will be a fun thing to watch because it represents people's two most vile emotions. Greed and fear.

  9. 705
    just like 1933 banks companies were loaded
    and europe dragged us into 1934 depression
    all to eay and the same song


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