Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tea Party 'Terrorists' and the Mainstream Media

Bernard Goldberg

Well, if it wasn’t obvious before it sure ought to be now. The liberal media elite have gone around the bend and over the cliff. The Crazy Train they’ve been riding has finally crashed.
And it’s all because of those nasty conservative Tea Party Republicans.
The same liberal journalists who won’t call a real terrorist a terrorist can’t go 10 seconds without calling conservative Republicans terrorists. Or “Wahhabis,” as Chris Mathews described them on MSNBC. Or “Hezbollah,” as Tom Friedman described them in the New York Times.Or as ‘suicide bombers” as Tina Brown the editor of Newsweek described them on “Morning Joe.”

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  1. Chris Matthews and Thomas Friedman - liberals? Maybe, but I'd be more inclined to include them both in the 'red dog' democrat cliques. One must seriously question their credentials as such. Anyone who cheers and 'rah-rahs' destructive wars is nowhere near being progressive in any sense of the word. You can tell - when the wars begin getting bogged down it's only then that they begin having 'questions of conscience' and questions about the efficacy of the wars themselves. These guys are erroneously considered to be part of some media created 'braintrust' and if these two are examples of what passes for wisdom these days (I'm not even going to mention KRAUThammer, David Brooks, George Will or Rush Scumbag) we're in a lot more trouble than anyone realizes. Give me Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich anytime. In case anyone hasn't noticed - it's not a left/right paradigm anymore. It's the rich declaring war on the rest of us. If any pundits or politicians from left or right recognize this then I'll pay attention. As far as guys like Limbaugh, Buchanan, Shultz, Beck, Larson, Maher, Olberman go - the reality of class war seems to be mostly uncommented on. All one has to do is check out who their sponsors are - CORPORATE America!


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