Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tropical Storm Emily To Soak Dominican Republic And Haiti

The Associated Press

Haiti - Rain-packed Tropical Storm Emily brushed past Puerto Rico and headed Wednesday toward the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where more than 630,000 people are still in tents and flimsy shanties after last year's earthquake.
Forecasters said the centre of the storm was expected to pass over the southwestern corner of the Dominican Republic late Wednesday and is likely to weaken somewhat in the high mountains that divide the country from Haiti. But intense rain poses a threat, said Diana Goeller, a meteorologist with the U.S. National Hurricane Center.
"This storm has a lot of heavy rainfall with it," Goeller told The Associated Press. "So in those mountainous areas, there could be very dangerous, life-threatening mudslides or flash floods."


  1. First political theater, now weather reports?

  2. No shit. Does EA still own this thing or did he sell out?

  3. He sold I heard

  4. Well no wonder there's been so many crap articles on here lately that have little or nothing to do with the coming depression.

    Whoever bought it should realize the two things that made this site a success: Gloom and Doom.

  5. Good for him if he made some money. Can't blame him because it is like banging your head against the wall trying to reach the deluded sheeple.

    However, if he really did sell out, the new blogger and his/her advertisers here will learn fast that these new articles won't cut it.

    There are thousands of other places to monitor what the fake politicians are voting on or what is happening with the weather.

    Maybe the new owner's purpose was to stop the truth about the economy that was revealed on this site previously.

    No more home page for me. Oh well, nothing good ever lasts.

    USAtoday is a lot more entertaining. If I want to read about fake politics at least I can also see what Ashton Kutcher or Brittany Spears is up to these days.

  6. Prepare for the readership here to drop to zero.

    Amazon, Readystore, Scottsdale Silver and others; your advertising here is money down the toilet.

  7. Here you go fellow former readers. The best articles were linked to here anyway. Delete this bookmark and add one to here:

  8. For political articles that don't go with the tide and are factual not propaganda go here -

  9. The article on there about Obama is dead on. Now THAT'S the kind of article the people here want to read. The Truth. That US Pres are nothing more than errand boys for the corporate elite. Not these nauseating political articles that try to hold up politics as some real 'for the people' process.

    Goodbye to this Blog!

  10. Ever want to see a blog die? Watch this

    Someone new comes here every 8-10 seconds. That is incredible and a credit to EA. Watch that tank into the sewer over the next couple months.

  11. nothing but bullshit mainstream propaganda.

  12. Very sad. Whoever bought this blog just saw dollar signs from the ads and doesn't have a clue what kind of articles built this site. Mainstream propaganda is right.

  13. EA is gone? Who runs this site now?

    For the past 6-8 weeks I've noticed a distinct decline in the quality of the articles being selected and posted. I mentioned it to a friend and he thought the same thing. Many times the articles have NO comments. I'm glad others see the same thing going on.

  14. This is the new

    The good news is the sheeple will find the new format to their liking.

  15. It seems on top of the articles from the left/right idiots being posted there is also a deluge of new articles where no one can keep up with.

    It used to be maybe around three articles a day. Now it seems a spam bot has taken over and just grabs whatever it can from the front pages of google in using economy as the key word. Seems at the end of the day now 20 new articles have popped up, and they mostly seem to talk about how evil Ron Paul types are for wanting to cut spending.

    Interesting. I guess I'm done here too.

  16. 3:17 - Exactly! I sent an e-mail to the new EA about how bad the site has gotten.

  17. I agree the bar has been lowered, I thought it was just me. I use to look forward to the information here but now instead of looking several times a day I skip coming here on some days, such a disappointment.

    All good things come to an end.



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