Tuesday, August 9, 2011

U.S. Recovery Canceled Due To New, Neverending Economic Depression!!


If you don’t care because you’re already poor — hello, 90% of America! — or you have retirement and/or investment accounts and have just been too terrified to look at Marketwatch.com, the Dow Jones Industrial Index closed or another 5.5% in the toilet. Wh-wh-whut’s happening? Didn’t Obama and Boehner solve the “debt crisis” or whatever made-up horse poop they invented to avoid talking about the tens of millions of unemployed workers and the stagnant/declining wages for those still hanging onto jobs and the other symptoms of our long national recovery? ........
All ultimately stupid things, just like Standard & Poor’s, which not so many years ago thought mortgage-backed securities were a super-duper way to turn a basic living arrangement like a roof over your head into some sketchy investment that should be bloated and inflated and chopped up and regurgitated forever and ever......


  1. "U.S. stocks rebound as Fed prepares to meet"

    That is because they know the criminal Federal Reserve is ready to unlease QE3 folks! Yes, even more money printing.

    Buy silver and gold while you still can.

  2. You know what's really depressing? They are buying our treasuries because the rest of the world is in even worse shape.

    If we don't end the wars right now and use that money at home, or throw out 90% of Congress (and the state legislatures too) in recall elections, we deserve the corrupt morons running the country.


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