Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Still Betting On the U.S.A.

Dan Rather

The news is grim, and you don't have to be a newshound to know that. It seems that all trend lines are pointing in the wrong direction -- whether it's economic disaster (domestic and international), mounting death totals in Afghanistan (and even Iraq), London in flames, the promise of the Arab Spring becoming a summer of bloody stalemates, a drought-stricken American heartland, and on and on. We're not in complete panic yet, but most of us are starting to feel mighty queasy. There's a real sense out there, even amongst people not prone to hyperbole, that perhaps our nation's best days are behind us.......

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  1. Kind of hard to believe this commentary came from Dan Rather, a former CBS slave.

    ...2080 AD...

    “Grandpa, is it really true that back in the olden days (of 2011-2012) people really did nothing to stop the bad men from ruining the country?"

    “Grandpa, didn’t you have guns back then”? I know after the bad men took the guns, the good people could no longer fight back and had to do what the bad guys told them to do”. When they had guns and could fight back, why didn’t they grandpa”?...

    Grandpa had no answer...

    I agree with Dan. The United States of America is the GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH! Yes we are not perfect. Agreed, we have some serious problems with a corrupt to the core Federal Government that has grown "too big for their britches".

    If I were God almighty, I would send "fire and brimstone" upon the abomination known as "Washington DC" (District of Criminals) where Presidents and Attorney's General of the United States engage in illegal arms trafficking (Fast and Furious)that cause the deaths of thousands of innocent people in Mexico. Washington DC, where men and women of the U.S. military guard the opium poppy fields in Afghanistan, so these poppies can be turned into Heroin to destroy the lives of American citizens, and others throughout the world. Our military occupies Afghanistan to guard the mountain of Lithium, recently discovered, (worth a TRILLION dollars or more) to keep the Chinese/ Japanese or any other country from taking it for their personal gain. Lithium batteries are the heart and soul of the Toyota Prius.

    Anyone who is a student of American history, knows the Federal government was meant to be small. The job of the Federal government had a very short "to do" list. Over the last 100 years, the Federal government has evolved into a tyrannical monster that needs to be "put out of its misery"... the Federal government is in the final stages of terminal cancer and there is nothing left to do but to ease the pain into its eventual death. As soon as this happens, the better the world will be for "The Family of Man".


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