Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paradise Lost

Kenneth Parsons

I often feel faced with a dilemma akin to telling someone it's raining, and have them not only refuse to believe me, but to also refuse to walk outside.......
We are not being shepherded by altruistic wise men, but, rather, herded by megalomaniacal desperadoes.
"Over time there is only one direction for the dollar to go – lower.”
Protect yourself. Get ready now. Sell everything you don't need. Accumulate gold and silver, (most especially silver). Invest in gold and silver mining issues. The day is soon coming when the people demand that precious metals regain their place in a Constitutionally sound economic system. Prepare to defend your Constitution, yourself and those you love. Follow the course opposite to custom and you will almost always do well...


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  2. question the mining stocks recommendation myself, look at their historic past highs and where they are now yet PM's at near historic highs(inflation adjusted), track them, many seem to have an HFT attached to them, market drops hard, gold up, their product up, yet their stocks drop tied to market. they say people selling miners due to margin calls elsewhere and when people get a clue they directly buy miners..this isn't the 1930's crash, much worse, an end to fiat currency as we've known it. and market closures, could happen, what paper gold is good then. face it, physical is better, for now.

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